Why Your Car Dealership Should Be Using Foursquare

Cars are such a widespread commodity that competition is prevalent among car dealerships. As a result, marketing plays a huge role in a successful business. Many dealerships spend on conventional marketing routes like TV commercials and other forms of standard advertising, so the difference in the modern age between a successful car dealership and a failing one often comes down to how effective their digital marketing techniques are.

The internet is becoming an increasingly popular location for consumers to research a new car purchase and this research includes picking the right dealership. Car dealerships need to reach out to these consumers and get their attention. Using Foursquare is one way to do that, for a few reasons:

Easy-to-Configure Customer Loyalty Rewards

One way to get customers into your car dealership is to offer some sort of loyalty or rewards program. Through an incentivized perk like this, purchasing through your dealership becomes more desirable to consumers. Foursquare is particularly savvy at this, since check-ins represent a huge selling point of the platform.

Typically, businesses like hotels and coffee shops offer discounts on their products/services after a Foursquare user checks in a certain number of times. Starwood Hotels even dubbed these Foursquare points as their own “Starpoints“. Individualizing these incentives, much like Starwood did, is a great idea for car dealerships.

Increased Access to Targeted Influencers

It goes without saying that celebrity endorsements and the like can boost a business from obscurity to the spotlight. There’s a reason why celebrities get paid millions to endorse products. However, not every car dealership has millions in their budget, so resorting to the cheaper alternative of digital sponsorship is more practical.

With Foursquare, it’s possible to partner with targeted influences and tastemakers at a more cost-effective rate. By telling customers that they can receive 5% off their automotive purchase by following a specific influencer or checking in at one of their events, it may provide enough incentive to that influencer where they may wish to endorse or mention the dealership.

Small Giveaways = Big Turnouts

Offering 5% off an automotive purchase can be a substantial amount of money, which means it may not be worth the exposure. However, offering something cheaper, like a $10 gift certificate to a nearby restaurant or store, to anyone who checks in to your dealership on a specific day is a great, low-risk incentive that is bound to drive in potential leads.

Some businesses even hold “Foursquare Days”, where entire lines of products or services are discounted for all if the business reaches a number of check-ins goal. Not only can this drive in business, but it can also provide a community feel and sense of participation for your customers. It’s certainly an idea for car dealerships to consider.

First-Time Visitors Are Likely to Return

By offering Foursquare users some type of incentive for their first check-in at your dealership, you will encourage undiscovered leads to visit your dealership and consider it in the future; especially if that incentive is tied to your dealership’s products or services. Even if they are simply coming to your dealership to “check in” and collect their incentive, it provides dealerships an opportunity to say “Hi” and make an impression.

Deeper Community Connections

Car dealership owners should be active Foursquare users beyond their dealership. By checking in at other local businesses and attractions, such as a park or your local fulfillment company, dealership owners are showing Foursquare users that they are committed to the community. This provides a better perception of the dealership in the eyes of consumers, who are often posed with the challenge of which dealership to do business with.

While Foursquare may seem more fitted for businesses like coffee shops and hotels, there are plenty of opportunities for car dealerships to increase their recognition and consumer base via Foursquare.

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