Why Your Dealership Can’t Live Without SEO in 2012

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With near certainty, you’ve heard about SEO. There’s an excellent chance that you’ve heard about dealerships who’ve have been incredibly successful with it. You may have also heard of others who tried it have done so with disastrous results.

So, as a dealership, why pursue SEO? Where does it fit into the traditional marketing mix? How does your organization ensure that the outcome is successful? What steps can be taken to maximize your ROI on each online marketing dollar spent?

Before anything, ask this to yourself: What would SEO accomplish for your business?

  • Is your dealership in a high volume market?
  • How many people live within a 5, 10 and 25-mile radius of your dealership?
  • How much does each customer acquired (on average) net for your organization?
  • What I’m provoking you to ask yourself is this: What sort of added reach will SEO lend to my dealership?

What I am going to espouse are five reasons that SEO cannot be ignored in the marketing environment of 2012.

SEO is the best salesman your dealership can hire

That’s right, I said it. No salesman on your floor will put up the sort of efficiency that SEO can. Don’t believe me?

Consider this:
  • SEO never shows up to work late and doesn’t take sick days. When SEO’s sales are good, s/he doesn’t project their ego to other salespeople and management.
  • SEO doesn’t leave the floor at six pm either. SEO won’t quit unexpectedly. SEO is working for you efficiently around the clock; giving your dealership exposure and generating leads.
  • Do any of your salespeople show up on search results all over the internet? SEO does.
  • If you haven’t made SEO your workhorse salesperson, what are you waiting for?
  • The ROI of a search campaign is astronomic.

I’m not telling you to drop the TV/Radio ads. As long as they’re getting the message out, it would be ludicrous not to keep them. What I am saying is that dollar-for-dollar, SEO will yield returns on investment that are virtually non-existent elsewhere. You see; SEO doesn’t require a production team to create an advertisement campaign. Or a media buyer. Not to mention the cost of ad time. What I’m saying is that the cost of SEO is dwarfed by the return it yields.

Consider the dollar amount each client generates. Then consider the cost of an SEO campaign (incredibly lower than TV/Radio) It takes very few clients to start realizing a positive ROI on your SEO initiatives. How about the multiplier effect each time the client returns for service? If you were a Toyota dealership in Phoenix, wouldn’t you want every potential client searching for Toyotas in Phoenix to find your website and call your dealership? The best thing about search marketing is that it only targets clients who are already interested in what you sell. How to ensure that your SEO results are successful and not disastrous? As in any marketing campaign, it is essential to ensure that the correct strategies are undertaken.

In SEO, this means several things.

Are you targeting keywords where your clients are searching? Market failure is the primary reason companies fail both offline and online. Be sure to do your homework when it comes to targeting. Are you hiring a firm who can show results for past clients? Can they furnish references? Would you want to hire a firm for any sort of marketing that could not prove its worth? Would you hire a floor salesman who couldn’t sell? Same goes for hiring an SEO firm. It’s an important position, so due diligence is essential.

What happens when visitors come to your site? Does it clearly state the CTA’s (calls-to-action)? Generating traffic is critical, but how about converting it? Of course you wouldn’t want 50 people to walk on your dealership floor without purchasing a vehicle. Same goes for your website; get visitors inside the door—and convert! There are numerous variables that can make the difference between a high and low converting site—and the devil is in the details!

There is no reason your dealership should not be exploring your full potentials for online exposure and researching them profusely. If you haven’t reaped the full benefits online marketing has to offer, why are you still waiting?

Jared Diamond is a senior SEO strategist for WebiFusion Marketing and has worked extensively on a number of search placement campaigns, such as Detail Wiz Window Tinting, a national company which ranks first page on Google for “window tinting” . He is featured on a number of blogs where he shares his search marketing expertise.

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