Why Your Website Needs a Video Walk-Around for Each Vehicle

Today’s car shoppers decide what car they want to buy while they are still searching on the internet, long before they set foot in your dealership. When they do drop by your lot, they usually know what kind of car they want already. Currently their method of gathering the information to make this decision is to read the stats and look at the still photos that are on the site.

As dealers, we know that the best way to move the car shopper from “looker” to “buyer” is to have a salesperson give them a tour of the car—show them the engine, show them the wheels, seats, audio, etc. During this process, the salesperson can push the benefits of the vehicle and tie it to the shopper’s wants and needs. But what do you do for those car shoppers on your website, your “virtual lot”? One way to move the process along is to offer a similar tour to your online shoppers. Give them the tour while they are still on your website. That’s where Vwalks comes in.
With www.Vwalks.com, dealers can inexpensively purchase a set of video walk-arounds of the vehicle makes they sell. The “Vwalks” as they are called, go right on your website, one for each model of vehicle.
The goal of having Vwalks videos is to get your web customers to take an online tour/walk-around, of the car which interests them. You want to get that customer engaged and emotionally invested in how cool the vehicle is. Make them visualize owning it.
As of the printing of this issue, the Vwalks site, www.Vwalks.com, has added Hyundai, Dodge, Chrysler, and Jeep. They promised to have Subaru, Honda, Toyota, Ford, and Chevrolet up and on the site in July. The reason Vwalks is such a great value is the price. All models in your car brand, ready to put on your site, as a set, just $699 for the set with no other charges. Try to do a professional voiceover, editing, music etc. on that many videos for just $699. It’s a tough price to beat.
Call Mike Nealy at 866-520-9600 or email him at MikeNealy@Vwalks.com for more information.





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