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Win Hyundai Carson, Win Chevy Carson, and Win Hyundai El Monte

This month’s interview is with Hani Nassif, a partner in the Win Automotive Group (Win Hyundai Carson, Win Chevy Carson, and Win Hyundai El Monte) who has 29 years experience in retail automotive, and Vince Nguyen, the marketing and business development manager overseeing all of Win Automotive Group’s marketing efforts. The Win Automotive Group’s stores are located in the most competitive auto market in the USA—the greater Los Angeles area. Hani and his team took the Win Hyundai El Monte store to number one in their district shortly after opening their doors in the first quarter of 2011, despite heavy competition from a number of franchise stores already present in this tough, congested market.

AJ-Can you give us a brief overview of the basic marketing strategy that helped you achieve top ranking in your region so quickly after opening the Hyundai El Monte store location?

HN-We constantly monitor our digital and reputation management; keep a strong and consistent digital and traditional presence; keep the price messaging consistent across all advertising campaigns, whether digital, print, media or on-site; and last, we build a strong team effort that includes full participation from all departments: one direction for all employees.

AJ-What type of marketing efforts do you implement in the stores on a consistent monthly basis?

VN-Our overall monthly marketing strategy includes: traditional, mobile, social media, grassroots marketing/local events, digital, SEO, SEM, and video SEO.

AJ-Why is it important for a dealership to have video SEO as part of an overall marketing strategy?

HN-It is amazing how often SEO algorithms change. What used to work a year ago in SEO, that got you to the top of the rankings, may not even get you on page one anymore. Video content is increasing every day online, and video gets a message across much easier and faster than traditional online content used to. Video SEO is simply keeping us ahead of the pack, so we don’t have to play catch up in the future.

AJ-Can you explain what video SEO does for your dealership?

HN-Video SEO has consistently kept us at the top of page one on all search engines. This is especially important when you are in a congested and competitive market like the Los Angeles area. Video SEO has also worked as a great way to advertise against your competition. Not only is it a great way to show your brand/vehicles against other manufacturers and dealers, but video SEO also does the same with your fixed ops departments, targeting the local repair facilities and independent chains.

AJ-How has a video SEO strategy impacted your websites’ visibility on search engines?

VN-We consistently appear on page one for all the top search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. We were a brand new dealership that started from the ground up, so when we first opened, it was very difficult to compete with other same brand dealers that were already well established. With video SEO, we were able to generate more website traffic to not only increase our ranking, but did so in a fashion that would traditionally take months, if not years, to complete. I believe this had a direct positive impact on our sales numbers and the off-page SEO ranking for all our websites.

AJ-How do you measure the effectiveness of your video SEO strategy?

VN-We measure website traffic month over month, incoming new traffic versus returning traffic and, of course, referring traffic websites. Search engines, like Google, are constantly our top referring sites. We separate our SEM from our SEO and can usually come up with an accurate number. Just like TV ads that stimulate a customer to create an action, the videos appear on page one of the search results and help online buyers see our ads, which in turn increases these same buyers to search for our name and websites more than our competitors. This increase can be seen in our website Google analytics in the organic referring traffic numbers, which consistently show Google as the top referring site with 70 percent-plus of the monthly traffic to the websites.

AJ-Lastly, when did your dealerships implement a video SEO strategy and what is the average increase your group’s stores have seen in sales/market share since implementing this strategy into your overall marketing plan?

HN-We first launched our video SEO strategy in April 2011, and have seen an average increase of roughly 20 percent.

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