Winners of the 2011 Automotive Website Awards

The winners of the 2011 Automotive Website Awards (AWA) were announced October 7th at a ceremony at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas just prior to the DrivingSales Executive Summit.

PCG Digital Marketing presented the industry’s top automotive website companies with their awards at the 4th annual ceremony.

The winners of this year’s AWAs are as follows:

Search Marketing:

ADP/Cobalt (Pinnacle Award)
Dealer Fire (Pinnacle Award) (Pinnacle Award)
Dealer e-Process (Pinnacle Award)
eCarList (Pinnacle Award)
VinSolutions (Pinnacle Award)

Click Motive (Peak Award)
Dealerskins (Peak Award)
eBizAutos (Peak Award)
TK Carsites (Peak Award)

DealerOn (Phoenix Award)
DealerHD (Phoenix Award)

Website Design:

DealerFire (Mobile site design)
ClickMOtive (Mobile site design)
MINI USA (OEM mobile site design)
Chevrolet (OEM mobile site design)
Ford (OEM mobile site design)

Website Technology:

cDemo Mobile Inspector (Best Mobile Application) TCD (Best Search Marketing Platform)
VinSolutions (Best Integrated Website Platform)
Dealer e Process (Best Fixed Ops Website Marketing Software)
CarMercial (Best Video Optimization Platform)

Lighthouse Awards:

Jared Hamilton & (Innovative automotive community)
Jeff Kershner (Founder, DealerRefresh)




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