With Auto Accessories Sales, Timing, and Visualization/True Personalization Is Everything

A new national dealership report reveals that when it comes to selling accessories to new-vehicle buyers, the right timing – along with providing rich visualization of the potential enhancements – makes all the difference.

Capturing a bigger slice of the vast $32 billion auto accessories pie has never been more critical for car dealerships, given economic realities. The industry has just emerged from the worst new-vehicle sales year in 40 years, while the auto accessories market has seen explosive 37% growth in that same ten years. But while enhancement sales represent among the highest-margin sales at dealerships, historically dealers have been unable to fully seize this literally million-dollar-per-dealership opportunity – accounting for a mere 10-17% of total sales.

In a nine-month study of 120-plus dealerships, conducted by izmocars (www.izmocars.com), car buyers presented with an online configurator (allowing them to interactively customize their new car from a menu of accessory options) – precisely at the time of purchase – were dramatically more likely to buy. One in two buyers experiencing that process purchased accessories (up from one in ten before), and the average dealership generated $400-$600 in accessory-revenue-per-vehicle-sold, up from $80-$120 before – representing a revenue gain of 500%.




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