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As an old, scarred veteran of the auto dealership advertising world, I can tell you that I have been witness to more radical change in the last ten years than in the forty year prior to that. The big winners in this decade are going to be the dealers that understand mass advertising and online advertising. Most dealers are struggling with the online side. That’s why I recommend that every dealer attend the Automotive Marketing Boot Camp, May 15-17 at the Monte Carlo in Las Vegas.

I attended last year’s Boot Camp in Orlando and found that the dealers there were raving about the value of the event. Unlike other some other events, where the seminars are just a pitch by the vendor, Boot Camp is a learning experience. When you leave, you will go back to your dealership and put your learning into action.

I just learned today that the people from AVA—a military-grade artificial intelligence lead tracking software has been added to the speakers at the event. I think AVA is one of the best innovations for auto dealers that I have seen in a number of years. If you want to save dead leads and turn them into car sales, you need to come and learn about AVA.

The event schedule:

automotive boot camp schedule

The Speakers:

  • AJ LeBlanc
  • Ben Anderson
  • Brian Pasch
  • Brittany Richter
  • Christine Rochelle
  • David Page
  • Drake Baerressen
  • Ed Parkinson
  • Egon Smola
  • Eric Miltsch
  • George Nenni
  • Glen Garvin
  • Howard Polirer
  • Jack Simmons
  • JD Rucker
  • Jerry Thibeau
  • Jim Flint
  • Jim Ziegler
  • Jimmy Vee & Travis Miller
  • Joni Stuker
  • Marc McGurren
  • Ralph Paglia
  • Sean Stapleton
  • Stephen Murphy
  • Tim Byrd
  • Tim Grand
  • Tracy Myers

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