Your Dealership in Their Pocket—Tips for Reeling In Mobile Shoppers


The concept of advertising your website address in all sorts of places is nothing new. For years, dealers have been putting their website addresses on billboards, license plate frames, key chains, newspaper ads—and any other place that can fit the text.
This strategy is all well and good, and should be continued, but it’s important to think not only about getting folks to your website, but what device they might be using when they visit.
For example, if your dealership buys a billboard on the side of the highway and you slap your website address on it, how many of the thousands of people that drive by daily have their computers up and running in their cars? Not many, unless they are breaking some serious traffic laws.
What they do have with them is their mobile device. Millions of Americans now access the web on their Blackberry, Android, or iPhone devices. It’s important to think about the offline website advertising you are doing and tailor it to the experience that is most convenient for your customers.
First, make sure you have a mobile-enabled website that automatically redirects users to the appropriate iteration of your site depending on the device they are using. Once you’ve accomplished that, you can get creative.
Public transit
Thousands of people riding the bus or train might be doing so because they don’t have a vehicle—does this mean that they don’t want one? No! And if you have a mobile enabled website, you can easily tailor your advertising on public transit. Consider this: “Tired of riding the bus? XYZ Motors has a huge selection of affordable vehicles you can browse right now on your phone.”
When advertising on billboards, be sure you’re touting the mobile capability of your website. Don’t just put your address on it, advertise that your website is mobile enabled, so people know they can view it on their mobile device.
On your lot
Also consider the time when your dealership is not open and people are browsing your lot for vehicles. Advertise with a window cling on each car that if they want more information and pricing on a vehicle, it’s right in their pocket.
Dealers have done a pretty solid job of recognizing that offline media can drive online visits. Savvy dealers are finding new and effective ways to engage more customers using these and other simple techniques. Are you one of them?
Mike DeCecco, director of industry relations for, is an authority on automotive internet practices and speaks at conferences nationwide. He can be reached at




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