Are you Managing your Brand? A Perspective on Brand Identity

In the race for technology, electrification, digitization, AI, automation, and more have we lost the core essence of what the brand is?...

The Dealership Litigation Hold: Unpacked

The Dealership Litigation Hold: Unpacked

These Are A Few Of My Unfavorite Things. (Sing with me here…) “Gossip and taxes and unpleasant divorces, Pulling of wisdom teeth, with...

Copy of People Matter How to Retain Dealership Talent
Best Practices

Use it or Lose it: The Vital Role of Activated Data in Closing Sales

There’s a lot of talk about data in automotive these days, and rightfully so. We are living in an age where data is literally the factor that...

People Matter How to Retain Dealership Talent
Best Practices

People Matter: How to Retain Dealership Talent

In the fast-paced world of automotive retail, where transactions and numbers are the heartbeat, it’s easy to lose sight of the most valuable...

Culture of Curiosity Change Management
Best Practices

Culture of Curiosity: The Key to Effective Technology Change Management

Technology continues to rapidly advance the customer experience. Apps, AI, and even robots are deployed in businesses with the intention to...

Employee Engagement and Happiness

The Case for Happiness: How Employee Engagement will Improve your Dealership's Bottom Line

In an industry obsessed with customer experience (CX), it is easy to get lost in the excitement of high-tech solutions or zoom in on internal...

NADA First Article Image
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Maximize your NADA 2024 Experience in Five Steps

NADA 2024 is around the corner - February 1-4, 2024! In Vegas. It’s a must-attend event. And, as everyone knows, NADA is the industry’s biggest...

Meet Steven Adragna  Announcement V1 -2

Meet Steven Adragna, President of Global Auto Staffing

Half Moon Bay, a small coastal town south of San Francisco is where it all began. With a population of around 8000, Steven Adragna spent his time...

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