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Ignored Millions: The Controversial Oversight of Hispanic Car Buyers

Let’s talk bluntly about how Hispanic car buyers are often ignored or exploited, despite the overwhelming evidence that the Hispanic...

HIAI Article Image

H.I. > A.I. - Human Interaction is GREATER than Artificial Intelligence

Yes, a title to get attention. We all have heard so much about how much Artificial intelligence is now being leveraged in almost every industry,...

QR Codes on your Streaming Automotive Ads
Best Practices

QR Codes on your Streaming Automotive Ads?

Streaming advertising is a form of digital advertising delivered to viewers through internet-based services that bypass traditional cable or...

Barf Bag Article Image

The Barf Bag - U.S. Patent 7,041,042: And Other Dark Dealership Tales

Recently, I was traveling on Something-or-other Airlines, (as I often do), and noticed the barf bag in my seat pocket was patented. It was...

Building Better Customer Experiences in Your Service Department
Best Practices

Building Better Customer Experiences in Your Service Department

Service department employees are often the unsung heroes of dealerships. While the sales department is an important part of the customer...

Connected Vehicles

Educating Dealers and OEM Partners to Market & Sell Connected Vehicles

As vehicle technology progresses, opportunities for connectivity, advanced electronics, and computer technology are emerging. Auto dealers are at the...

Identify problems in your parts department
Best Practices

Identify Areas for Improvement in Parts Operations

In today's rapidly evolving automotive industry, the role of a parts manager in a dealership is more critical than ever. It's a continual journey...

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