Best Practices

5 Signs Your Parts Department Needs Help

The efficiency of a parts department is critical for overall business success. To achieve this, there’s a need for a transformation that...

Make More Friends Sell More Cars

Make More Friends. Sell More Cars.

The thing about books is that they’re forever. They are the permanent record. For thousands of years, we’ve built giant buildings to hold all the...

Audience Suppression for Dealership Marketing
Best Practices

The Critical Role of Audience Suppression in Effective Dealership Marketing

We talk a lot about how sending the right message at the right time to the right shopper is key in creating hyper-personalized shopping experiences...

Reputation & Retention = Rewards
Best Practices

Reputation & Retention = Reward

“My fiancé is shopping for a truck from your dealership simply because of the reviews.” This is a real message I received. Reputation and...

Fail Stamp

PR Fail: A Story of Deception, Unfair Acts and Power Booking

Do you prefer single ply or double ply toilet paper?‎ Unless you live in your RV or boat, is there any debate on this in your head?‎ I...

5 steps to kickstart hispanic marketing
Best Practices

Five Steps to Kickstart your Hispanic Marketing Program

US Hispanics are becoming a powerful economic force in the US economy. Here a few facts to consider about the community: They are the largest...

Steve Schmith ONE
Best Practices

Expand personalized customer experiences beyond the showroom

One thing is certain in the automotive industry: Change. While the supply-chain crunch is easing, the vehicle mix has changed, with fewer sedans,...

Driving Talent to the Parts Department with eCommerce
Best Practices

Driving Talent to the Parts Department with eCommerce

Over the past year, attracting and retaining talent has been a challenge for many industries, especially for automotive. No one understands this more...

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