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The Road to Sustainable Growth: How Auto Dealerships Can Create a More Positive Customer Experience

By Tiger Okeley, Executive Board Member, Oak Motors, A Buy Here Pay Here Used Car Dealership The image of car buyers negotiating with...

Compliance as a Cultural
Best Practices

Compliance as a Cultural Force

Do you stop at stop signs on private property? I don’t think you can get a ticket if you don’t…and no one is looking. So, do you stop? There...

People in Automotive with Brett Hall

People in Automotive featuring Brett Hall

In this episode of People in Automotive, Laurie Halter, DMM Expert Panelist and host of this exciting and human centric series, meets with Brett...

Dealership Data Era Article Image Final

The Dealership Data Era (Episode One)

The following has been produced with the help of AI to assist you in navigating the conversation between Adam Dennis, Atul Patel and Steve Schmith....

Brand Loyalty Hispanic

Brand Loyalty and the Hispanic Community

There is no shortage of conversations about the value of brand loyalty. As Forbes points out in an article from a few years ago, when you think of...

A Unified Auto Parts Industry A Call for Innovation

A Unified Auto Parts Industry: A Call for Innovation

It’s no secret that the automotive parts industry is experiencing a massive shift driven by new technologies, changing customer needs, regulations,...

Wire Fraud and Bad Pawn A Dark Tale

Wire Fraud and Bad Pawn: A Dark Tale

Do you store your Tupperware lids actually sealed “on” the base container or are you one of “those people” who throw the lid in a pile somewhere near...

Drowning in Demands: 5 Key Ways to Stay Afloat

Drowning in Demands: 5 Key Ways to Stay Afloat

Written by Colby Joyner, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy at Cavender Auto Group. Colby is also an Auto Remarketing “Dealers Under 40”...

Are your Vendors also your Partners
Best Practices

Are your Vendors also your Partners?

Are you tired of paying for software that nobody uses? Dealerships are loaded with technology that is underutilized. Some of this is due to the...

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