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12 Great Events in Automotive History


For my automotive sales article this month, I thought that taking a little quiz might make for a nice 10-minute or so break from the routine.

As we’re talking about cars, dealers, and dealership business software here, I’m keeping that theme going for this quiz, which I’m calling “12 Great Events in Automotive History.” Some readers may have to ponder their answers for a while. Others who’ve been selling or servicing vehicles for a long time may know most of the answers from memory—or from the study of automotive history.

There’s no monetary reward for taking the quiz, of course, except the value you’ll take away and find useful for filling lulls in conversation now and then. Write your answers on a separate sheet of paper, then look at the answers provided at the bottom of the page: Don’t cheat!

I trust my research provides the right results; if you have something different, let me know. Either way, my hope is the few minutes spent to take this quiz will bring you some fun distraction and a smile.

Ready? Here we go (answers below):

  1. In what year did NADA introduce the NADA Official Used Car Guide?
  2. Which American make marketed the first front-wheel drive vehicle?
  3. What year did airbags first appear in vehicles sold in the U.S.?
  4. Who challenged consumers, “If you can find a better car, buy it.”
  5. Upon what chassis platform was the original Mustang built?
  6. What current popular brand has its roots in WWII?
  7. Which upscale domestic once used V-12 power?
  8. When did the Third Brake Light law take effect?
  9. What company “invented” the dealer management system?
  10. Who “invented” online car shopping and in what year?
  11. What year did Dealer Marketing Magazine release its first issue?
  12. What company pioneered data mining and developed the opportunity selling strategy that helps more than 2,600 dealerships sell an additional 5 to 100 or more vehicles each per month to existing customers?

Answers: 1) 1922; 2) Cord 810, in the ‘30s; 3) Oldsmobile Toronado, ’73; 4) Lee Iacocca, Chrysler Corporation, introduction of the K-car; 5) Ford Falcon; 6) Jeep 7) Lincoln, in its Zephyr model, 1936-1948; 8) 1986; 9) The Reynolds and Reynolds Company; 10) Ralph Paglia in 1988 using Bulletin Board Systems and Compuserve ISP while GM at Kearny Mesa VW and then Bob Lewis VW, San Diego, commercialized by Autobytel, in 1995; 11) In 2002, with the cover feature, The Top Booths for You to See in New Orleans at NADA 2002; and 11) AutoAlert, 2002.

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