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5 Reasons Animated Videos Are the Most Effective Marketing Media Today


Animated videos are everywhere. You can’t turn on the TV or click on a Web page without seeing spiffy infographic pieces with bright colors and iconic designs, disembodied arms frantically scribbling on white boards, or creative characters attempting to explain complex concepts in colorful ways.

There’s a good reason for this on-going graphic assault — it works. Yes, animation is arguably the most effective form of media today. Here are five reasons why.

1. Get noticed

Animation allows you to quite literally jump up and down and wave your arms — in a totally professional and respectful manner, of course. The clean movement, bold colors, and inherent simplicity grabs eyeballs and snags attention. It’s a great way to separate your message from your competitors’. Fact: Homepage videos are shown to increase conversion rates by 20%. — Forbes

2. Create connections

Animation appeals to everyone. C’mon, who hates Toy Story or didn’t choke up the first time Rudolph left home? There’s a reason The Simpsons, Family Guy, and South Park are cornerstones of major networks and contemporary social commentary. Animated videos are fun. Fact: 59% of consumers are likely to watch video on a website with brand content. — Reach Engine

3. Be recognized

Animation allows logos, icons, and signature design elements to come alive and provide the foundation for a sustainable “world” in which problems are solved, characters are rewarded, and continuing stories are told. Animation provides the opportunity to create an instantly recognizable character built around solving your client’s needs and desires. Fact: 58% of shoppers consider companies that produce video content to be trustworthy. — Animoto

4. Focus your message

Animation allows viewers to write their own references into the story. Characters and personalities are free to focus on needs, wants, actions, information, and solutions rather than race, gender, age, hair, or wardrobe. Fact: 70% of marketing professionals report that video converts better than any other medium. — MarketingProfs

5. Spread the word

Animation is equally at home on television, social media, digital entertainment, websites . . . even print or outdoors. When your message delights your audience, distribution and application are easy. Fact: Retailers use video across a variety of channels, including their websites (68%), social media (57%), emails (54%), and stores (39%). — Retail Touchpoints Today, with comprehensive bundles and a flurry of available animation software and hardware capabilities, fully produced animation is affordable, flexible, and sustainable across all applications.

Even better, adding animated characters or “explainer videos” to the mix in no way dilutes an existing campaign. Having a creative animated personality “host” a Web page is a great way to offer a colorful endorsement to any established look or positioning. Even better, cutting-edge animation techniques allow for low-cost options for customization and extension of any digital character. In other words, it’s really easy to animate almost anything and get it to look like and say exactly what you want. This is an exciting time for entertainment and media. The opportunities to use animation to help your dealership stand out from the herd have never been better. Animation is fun. Let’s play together.

Along with being an obscure answer to a series of 1980s trivia questions, Mark Allan has been a creative, marketing, and media resource for companies large and small around the globe. As senior partner of Piranha Animation, he’s currently pretty fired up about the company’s SpokesMammal campaign. To see it and additional options, or to just ask us questions on how animation can help your dealership, check out a few of our other projects at or send Mark a message at [email protected].

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