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5 Things Automotive Salespeople Can Do Today to Become More Comfortable Using Video


Their eyes widen, they start to sweat, and every orifice on their body puckers up like I just asked them to step into the ring with Mike Tyson, back when he was MIKE TYSON!

It happens every time I’m in a dealership training a sales staff and I get to the part where I tell them they need to start incorporating more video into their sales process. Many salespeople just aren’t comfortable with the idea of stepping in front of a camera. That’s not what they signed up for.

Here’s what I tell them: If you weren’t comfortable using a telephone or email, you’d either get comfortable fast, or you’d get to looking for a new job. Video is more powerful than either of those tools so if you plan on sticking around, it’s time to step outside your comfort zone.

Here are 5 ways your sales team can get more comfortable in front of the camera.

Embrace The Suck

Your first video is gonna suck. Period. That’s what digital marketer Adam Thrasher says. The truth is your next dozen or so aren’t going to be much better. But you have to start somewhere.

Anything worth doing is worth doing badly, and if you’re not willing to do it badly, you’ll never get a chance to do it well. Video is enormously powerful for humanizing conversations, for changing the way your customers think of you. It really is the next best thing to being there. So turn the camera on, smile pretty, and talk to your customers, person to person. 

Make Them The Star

Misery loves company. If you’re totally freaked out about the idea of hitting that record button and having the whole world look at you, bring someone on camera with you! You’ve got no problem talking to people; you talk to people all day every day so try it with the camera rolling.  Bring your new customers in front of the camera and ask them one simple question: How was your buying experience today?

Bring another salesperson in front of the camera and talk to them about the giant rebates on the new 2020 trucks. Bring another co-worker on and ask them what they do at the dealership and what they like about working there. The more you can get someone else to do the talking the less nervous you will be.

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Keep It Short

Size does matter. And shorter is better! We live in a limited attention span world and the average video on YouTube or Facebook is less than 30 seconds, yet people still get on and babble forever without saying much of anything.

If you’ll consistently try to keep your videos to around a minute, maybe a little more, maybe a little less, you won’t get as nervous wondering what you’re going to talk about. Turn on the camera. Say what you’re gonna say. And wave goodbye. Easy Peasy. And if you can keep the length of your videos down, it’s easier to keep your energy up.

Know What You’re Going To Say Before You Say It

One reason salespeople's videos end up running so long is they ramble on for 5 minutes before they ever get to the point because a) they’re nervous and b) they don’t really know what to say. If you don’t catch the audience’s attention in the first few seconds, they’re scrolling on to the next cat video in their feed. 

You don’t need to write out a script (please don’t do that; it will end badly, I promise), but if you’ll know what the first attention-grabbing sentence out of your mouth will be before you open your mouth, that will go a long way towards keeping their attention and keeping you from breaking out in a flop sweat.

If you know your opener, know a couple of bullet points you want to hit, and know how you’re going to wrap things up, there’s nothing left to worry about.

My Super Secret Ninja Strategy

There’s an organization that exists entirely to make people like you more comfortable talking in front of others and in front of cameras:


I guarantee you there is a local Toastmasters group meeting near you this week, and it costs practically nothing to join. You’ll get to meet other members of your community (all potential car buyers, by the way), and you’ll get to practice standing up in front of them, opening your mouth, and talking for one or two minutes no matter how nervous you are.

Toastmasters will change your life. I know because it changed mine.

Go make a video. Today. Whether you want to or not. No matter how uncomfortable you are. And if you need someone to talk you through it, call me.

Terry has authored three #1 best-selling books, spoken to audiences from coast to coast at TedX, The National Association of Broadcasters, and the National Automobile Dealers Association and sold ads to dealerships from Moose Jaw to Miami.

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