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Acceleration Awards Winner Spotlight: AutoLeadStar


This month, Dealer Marketing Magazine presents its first-ever Acceleration Awards, created to recognize and promote automotive vendors that stand out by offering unique products and services that increase dealership sales, maximize efficiency, streamline processes, and most importantly, rapidly increase profitability.

Our judging criteria: We asked vendor businesses to submit their best 100-word sales pitch to dealers to convince them of the value and effectiveness of their companies’ offerings.

Ten winners were selected by the Dealer Marketing staff. Throughout November, we will spotlight the winners.

Today: AutoLeadStar


Category: Marketing and Lead Capture


Contact: [email protected]

The pitch: You invest serious money bringing traffic to your website, but miss out on converting most visitors to leads: 95% of shoppers never convert. Why? Today’s customers expect personalized online shopping. Think Netflix and Amazon, offering instant recommendations just for you. Yet most dealership websites are generic and impersonal — so customers leave for your competition. How can you provide real-time personalized online shopping? AutoLeadStar offers the best artificial intelligence tools that give every online customer exactly what they want, when they want it, so you can scale for more sales now. Try it — supercharge your leads and beat the competition.

Transformative Artificial Intelligence Technology

Our mission at AutoLeadStar is to create transformative artificial intelligence technology for the automotive industry. We develop tools for dealership success in today’s rapidly changing digital world, bringing the sophistication and concierge service of e-commerce giants to every dealership.

Most dealerships invest serious money bringing traffic to their websites, but miss out on converting most visitors to leads: 95% of shoppers never convert. We maximize your marketing spend by providing personalized engagements and conversion opportunities for every online car shopper — all in one tool that seamlessly integrates with your website. In today’s e-commerce world, customers enjoy convenience, ease, and personalization.

They expect the same outstanding level of concierge service when shopping for a car. Falcon by AutoLeadStar provides it. Falcon is powered by AI that continuously tracks user behavior and automatically presents relevant content at optimal times for conversion. Users interact with a variety of engagements, including test drive, offers, trade-in, service, texting, and more.

Whether comparing vehicles, booking service, or browsing, each customer gets exactly what they need, when they need it. A single tool designed to engage shoppers at every stage of the buying process, Falcon replaces the chaos and distraction of multiple pop-ups. It brings concierge service to your website experience while cutting your marketing spend. And its varied interaction with customers means you’ll receive rich data delivered straight to your CRM.

Falcon by AutoLeadStar is your full-service digital agent, focused on turning more browsers into buyers. Supercharge your leads and sales today.

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