CommentaryNov 2nd, 2017

Announcing the 2017 Acceleration Awards Winners


Dealer Marketing Magazine is pleased to announce the 10 winners of its first-ever Acceleration Awards.

The Acceleration Awards were created to recognize and promote standout automotive vendors that offer unique products and services to increase sales, maximize efficiency, streamline processes, and most importantly, rapidly increase dealership profitability.

To be considered for the awards, automotive vendors were asked to submit the 100-word sales pitch they would make to dealers to convince them of the value of their companies’ products and services.

The Dealer Marketing Magazine staff reviewed the pitches and selected the 10 companies that best embody the spirit of the awards by providing efficiency, ease of use, and potential for rapidly increased dealership profitability.

The business category of the vendors was not a consideration in the selection of the winners. The 2017 Acceleration Awards winners, in alphabetical order:


Binary Automotive Solutions

Client Command

Digital Air Strike

Flick Fusion Video Marketing

NCC AimLogic

Rapid Recon


United Development Systems (UDS)

We encourage dealership owners and managers to read the pitches of all the winners, then check out the companies’ offerings on their websites.

We’re confident all our award recipients will deliver fast, tangible results you’ll notice on your bottom line. Dealer Marketing Magazine congratulates the winners of the 2017 Acceleration Awards, and thanks them for their invaluable contributions to advancing the profitability of new-vehicle dealerships.

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