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AutoLoop Acquires Trade-In Valet by CARPHORIA, Accelerating Auto Dealerships' Website Leads, Sales, and Revenue


Las Vegas March 22, 2018 AutoLoop LLC, the leading provider of auto industry sales, service, and marketing solutions, today announced at NADA 2018 the acquisition of Trade-In Valet.

A leading vehicle appraisal tool for auto dealership websites, Trade-In Valet is proven to dramatically increase traffic, sales, and CSI by delivering guaranteed cash trade-in offers through a quick, four-step process.

“I’ve never seen a product like Trade-In Valet produce this much ROI for dealers, so I’m excited to offer it to our customers,” says AutoLoop CEO Steve Anderson. “By adding Trade-In Valet to our already-robust AutoLoop Sales and Service Suite, we will fill in the industry gap to deliver an all-encompassing solution for modern dealerships.”

Customers access Trade-In Valet by using a simple online appraisal tool on the dealer’s website. Using the data entered by the consumer, Trade-In Valet’s appraisal professionals then deliver a precise, guaranteed offer directly to the consumer.

“Our dealers will now have access to the largest live appraisal desk of its kind to hold more deals together,” Anderson says. “We can now walk hand-in-hand with every appraisal a dealer does, offering the confidence they need to transact. The acquisition of Trade-In Valet strategically aligns with AutoLoop’s existing solutions and long-term objective of solving daily dealership challenges.”

“Some of the challenges dealers face today include diminished customer trust in a dealer and disconnected goals between the new and used sales managers,” AutoLoop Chief Product Officer Matt Rodeghero says.

“Trade-In Valet uniquely addresses these challenges by providing customers with an accurate — and guaranteed — value for their vehicle from a live, third-party appraiser.

And it allows dealers to create the inventory mix that works for them, because Trade-In Valet buys back any vehicle that they can’t sell, or isn’t the most profitable for their market.”

Trade-In Valet allows dealers more flexibility in the trading process, meaning dealers will notice a significant impact on their used vehicle inventory.

rading directly with the consumer allows dealers to eliminate auctions, minimize wholesale loss, and increase gross profit per sale with higher-quality trades.

And because Trade-In Valet is fully integrated with the core AutoLoop products, dealerships using the product will also be able to track, respond to and engage leads with best-in-class creative, as well as identify and target those customers most likely to trade-in their vehicles.

“Trade-In Valet is an innovative, yet user-friendly tool that delivers true results for dealers,” Trade-In Valet CEO Mike Dodd says. “And as the industry’s top valuation and lead conversion tool, I know Trade-In Valet is the perfect fit for the AutoLoop Sales Suite platform.

I look forward to the success we can achieve together with this proprietary all-in-one automotive technology solution.”

For more information about AutoLoop’s acquisition of Trade-In Valet, call 877-850-2010 or contact [email protected].

About AutoLoop

Since 2005, AutoLoop has helped automotive dealerships nationwide increase sales, improve client retention and achieve overall higher customer satisfaction ratings throughout the Sell, Service, Repeat cycle.

With the AutoLoop Customer Engagement Suite — an all-encompassing platform that includes everything from CRM and automated messaging to equity mining, service scheduling and more — AutoLoop is the industry’s first and only single-vendor, end-to-end marketing and engagement solution.

An Inc. 500 company with nearly 50 million names in its database and over a billion individual communications initiated, AutoLoop is passionate about being America's best customer retention partner for progressive dealerships.

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