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AutoRaptor Introduces Automatic Appointment Reminders to Enhance Automotive CRM Software


Providence, RISeptember 25, 2018 — AutoRaptor recently rolled out Appointment Automation that allows dealerships to automatically send out customized appointment confirmations, reminders, and missed and cancelled follow up messages by text and email. The automatic appointment reminders are part of a suite of automated tools available in the CRM. “AutoRaptor provides dealerships with smart features that make lead management less stressful and allow the sales team to focus more attention on customers that are ready to buy at that moment,” said Howard Leavitt, Founder and President of AutoRaptor.

“Our automated suite ensures that all opportunities are quickly and consistently contacted which gives time back to the sales team to focus on the highest priority leads.”

AutoRaptor advocates appointment setting as a critical part of the sales process. Scheduling and confirming appointments helps ensure each car buyer is given the proper attention they deserve, which in turn will help increase customer satisfaction and retention success. The ability to set up automated communication on action plans follows up alongside the sales team to ensure no opportunity is forgotten. Now, with this new feature AutoRaptor pauses the regular action plan and deploys the customized appointment communication to help ensure the customer keeps or reschedules their visit.

“I am love love loving this automated appointment feature because it increases my efficiency and simplifies the entire process,” said Bill Millham, Internet Coordinator, Carmix Auto Sales. “Great job AutoRaptor, I look forward to your next advancement. Keep leading the way!” AutoRaptor plans to continue adding enhancements and features to the automated suite that will focus on helping dealers to manage lead volume, streamline the sales process, and improve customer satisfaction and retention.

The AutoRaptor team can show you these features in action and share more about our CRM, call to schedule a demo 1-888-421-6533 or submit a demo form online.

About AutoRaptor

Since 2006, AutoRaptor has been helping dealers leverage our proven sales process and turn more leads into sales with our simple, intuitive, and powerful CRM. AutoRaptor gives dealers powerful features, like automated action plans, texting, license scanner, Sales Rep activity report, and third-party integrations, to improve their sales team’s effectiveness and to focus on high probability leads.

Management can monitor the sales team at a glance and always know which activities are producing the best results. The AutoRaptor Training and Support Team is one of the best in the industry, providing dealers with an added value that they didn’t even realize they needed! For more information visit or call 1-888-421-6533.

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