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Buerkle Honda Saves Big By Optimizing Lead Providers With Help From FrogData


San FranciscoMarch 12, 2018 — Frustrated with managing multiple third-party lead providers that promised high ROI but did little to prove results, Buerkle Honda, part of the Buerkle Automotive Group in Minneapolis, turned to FrogData and its real-time data analytics platform to provide a complete picture of the overall ROI of each provider. FrogData was able to harvest phone-in leads from provider sites and compare them against actual sales in the DMS for a true picture of each provider, leading the dealership to sever ties with underperformers and reallocate those funds for a more efficient and effective marketing strategy.

“FrogData helped us look at our data in a very different way,”

said Dudley Peterson, General Manager at Buerkle Honda.

“It brought all of the information into one platform and made it easy for us to analyze and make decisions that were backed by data and insights instead of just gut instinct.”

For example, Buerkle Honda worked with one leading provider for years and spent approximately $20,000 per quarter for its services. The FrogData analysis revealed the deal netted the dealership on average only two sales per quarter. Buerkle quickly severed that deal and reallocated the money to a provider with proven higher ROI. “I couldn’t believe how bad the results were,” said Peterson.

“FrogData confirmed what works and what doesn’t, so we could make a clear decision about where to put that money. Putting the data side-by-side is phenomenal.”

FrogData integrated its platform with data from the dealership’s DMS, CRM, dealer portal, and Google Analytics, and created a reporting dashboard to track internet leads and phone-ups. Interactive charts and graphs helped in understanding trends and lead analysis. FrogData also recommended Buerkle invest in a BDC to further improve the profitability of Internet sales by improving closing ratios.

“We’re thrilled with Buerkle Honda’s success,” said Tej Soni, Founder of FrogData. “Our goal is to help dealers make better decisions so they’re not wasting money on providers who don’t perform. The analysis our platform facilitates helps them cut the waste and reallocate ad spend where it belongs — with those providers that truly deliver.”

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FrogData Business Analytics Platform delivers Advanced Reporting, Business Insights and Predictive Analytics to Auto Dealers, helping them make better decisions to make positive impact on their business. FrogData is based in San Francisco, California.

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