CommentaryApr 30th, 2018

Custom TV Channels Stop Competitors From Advertising in Your Dealership


The automotive marketplace is highly competitive, with dealerships, service facilities, and other vehicle-related businesses spending a significant amount of money to persuade consumers to visit them. While most of these organizations are successful in promoting their brand in the marketplace, most are not only failing to secure their brand within their own walls, but paying to do so.

Allow me to explain.

When customers visit a dealership or service facility, they typically spend time in the waiting area, watching cable or satellite television programming that you pay for monthly. While watching your televisions, customers will often see an advertisement for one of your competitors, and hear their specials or value propositions. If a customer is not having a wonderful experience with your business that day — or if the offer they hear is just too good to pass up — maybe it will be the trigger for them to “try the other guy.”

So how, as an automotive business, do you stop competitors from reaching your customers while they’re in your business? Control the content on your screens with custom TV channels. These services have become more accessible, affordable, and easier to manage over the past couple of years. In fact, deploying custom channels in a dealership typically costs the same or less than the cost of a monthly cable bill.

These services can be completely managed by an independent organization that works with you to develop different content and messaging for each TV in your dealership, or you can purchase software that allows you to completely manage the channels on your own.

In addition to allowing you to remove the voice of the competitor from your waiting rooms, service areas, and other TV screens, by deploying custom TV channels, you can also remove programming that certain people may find offensive, pushing instead your own marketing at engaged customers.

Offensive content can include news channels or reality TV. This type of content may alienate a portion of your consumer base because they feel the views being expressed on the televisions in your facility represent the views of your dealership.

With custom TV channels, you can identify the personas of your buyers, and deliver content that not only doesn’t alienate them, but makes their wait time more enjoyable. Marketing your custom TV channel show content pushes the value proposition of your brand, displays messaging that tells the consumer your story to help build a personal connection, and promotes available dealership services and specials.

These benefits of custom TV channels provide you and your dealership team with a canvas to build your brand and communicate with your clients — and stop you from unintentionally paying for your competition’s advertisements to your customers.

If you’d like more information about how to implement custom TV channels in your dealership, visit AutoVision TV at As the president of AutoVision TV, Guy Tonti focuses on helping dealerships improve the customer experience and bottom-line revenue growth through the deployment and management of digital signage. He has more than 28 years of high-tech experience, most in the heart of Silicon Valley, and is a recognized thought leader in digital signage and the successful building of large-scale networks.

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