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dealerTEL Launches Communication Platform, Bringing 100% Capture Rate to Inbound and Outbound Calls


March 5, 2018 — dealerTEL, the only automotive technology provider that offers a 100% capture rate of inbound and outbound calls, today announced the launch of their communication suite, helping dealers retain missed calls and reign in lost opportunities. dealerTel is the only communication platform that closes the loop of missed calls by bringing mobile and desk phones together seamlessly and adding all of the information to the dealership’s CRM system, automatically.

By bringing all calls under the umbrella of the company’s communication system, they can be tracked, analyzed, and reported on, increasing many dealerships logged calls by more than 10% or more. “Missed calls equal missed opportunities. If a sales department is missing 4%-5% of calls each month with an average profit of $1500, an increase of even ten percent of logged calls becomes very significant to that dealership,” said Steven Barnett, CEO of dealerTel.

dealerTEL offers dealerships a full communication suite, with networking services, mobile solutions, and hosted VOIP offered, as well as call recording and analytics and CRM integration add-on services. The result is a dealership communications solution that guarantees that 100% of dealership mobile calls and desk phone calls can be recorded and published to the dealership’s CRM provider.

With dealerTEL the dealership owns every telephone number its customers and employees use, regardless of where the call originated. “One of the things our clients are most excited about when we introduce dealerTEL to them is the ability to own any communications from mobile phones nationwide,” said Barnett.

“NADA projects a 62% turnover rate in our industry. That means a dealership stands to lose 62% of their customers if that information is stored in an employee’s personal cell phone. With dealerTEL, you retain all contact information and communication with that customer whether or not the employee is still physically with the dealership.”

In addition, dealers are able to use dealerTEL’s customizable wall boards to track all incoming and outgoing call information, as well as access analytics and reports for key customer insights, ad campaign management, and online and offline lead tracking. The dealerTEL communication suite is available now. To find out more or schedule a demonstration, please visit

About dealerTEL

dealerTEL provides Automobile Dealers a complete communications suite including integrated Hosted VoIP (Desk Phones), Nationwide Mobile (Cellular), High Speed Internet, Call recording, Speech Analytics, CRM Integration and TruSafe Private Data Centers for the ultimate in connectivity and security. Our technology allows dealers to finally “marry” mobile phones with our Hosted VoIP phone system into a seamless cost effective communications environment. Visit to find out more.

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