CommentaryJan 12th, 2018

Digital Marketing: Don't Count Your Clicks Before They Hatch


The world consumes media, entertainment, information, news, and advertising messages very differently than just a few years ago. Our changing consumption patterns haven’t changed the way we make a decision or purchase, however.

Awareness. Familiarity. Confidence. Engagement. Action. These are the five stages, in order, that we must progress through to make a decision or purchase. If consumers aren’t aware of your business, they can’t visit you. If they aren’t familiar with your business, they won’t visit you. If they aren’t confident you can provide what they want, they’ll chose another business. If your level of engagement doesn’t meet their expectations, they’ll disengage.

If they find it impersonal, intimidating, confusing, or inconvenient to take action with your business, there won’t be the ultimate transaction. You need to ask yourself if your digital marketing efforts are enough to establish awareness, familiarity, and confidence with consumers so they’ll engage and take action to do business with you.

Remember, traditional media and internal processes still play an integral role in balancing the right marketing mix. Take search as an example. Jane searches for a Toyota dealership. The initial results present her with a dozen or so choices, both paid and organic, and you’re listed in both.

Now Jane is aware you’re there, but what makes her click on you? If Jane has seen or heard other ads telling your expanded story, her familiarity gives you top-of-mind awareness, regardless of what position you’re in. Without some level of familiarity resulting from other marketing efforts, you are relying on the chance that Jane will simply click your listing over the others.

When Jane clicks to your website, does she become confident that you can help her? Is your site up to date? Does it showcase compelling offers? Is it credible and customer-focused?

Then, when Jane engages by visiting, emailing, or calling, does your staff exceed her highest expectations? If not, there will be no further action or, more importantly, transaction. Digital marketing is a must today. But are you relying too much on chance clicks and abandoning the other marketing tools to tell your story and influence consumer behavior?

Scott Toland has more than 30 years of marketing experience with local dealerships, regional associations, national manufacturers, and media companies. In 2003, Scott established The Marketing Academy — then a four-day marketing workshop, today an online video platform with more than 200 ideas, strategies, and solutions. Visit articles by Scott Toland:Old-Fashioned Salesmanship Keeps You From Singing the Slow-Mover Blues

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