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Eight Ways to Get Customer Feedback Via Twitter


In any business, it is very important to have the proper channels of communication. There are many ways to get feedback from customers. Some restaurants hand out surveys with the bill; some have a suggestion box; other businesses are blessed with vocal customers; they have no choice but to hear feedback right then and there. Many businesses, however, have left out the social media and online, sales-support services. Car dealerships especially can benefit from receiving feedback through online social media such as Twitter. In this article, we will discuss how we can take advantage of Twitter in acquiring customer feedback from our customers.

1. It is immediate

Twitter is immediate. Once a tweet is sent, it goes out and is seen by everyone in the “twitter-sphere”. Tweets also enable the customer to receive comments about his review and share input with other customers.

2. It is public

Twitter users have the option of keeping their tweets and comments private. But most don’t want that restriction and tweet for the entire world to see. Think of how this can affect your business and how much positive attention it could create.

3. The hashtags have it all

Hashtags (#) have the ability to link up comments and tweets. This is a good gauge to see what people are saying.

4. The response can be immediate as well.

Nothing beats the feeling of being heard and seeing immediate action taken because of something you tweeted out. Customers who feel that they have direct participation will feel welcome and will eventually go back to that business or better, refer new customers. So because it is so public and so immediate, owners or managers really need to address feedback they receive through Twitter.

5. Attract more customers because you are tech-savvy

For customers who have one foot in the real world and have the other foot in the web, it is really a plus if hashtags and Twitter accounts lead back to an effective website. This gives the customer information they need before making the trek to the actual location of the car dealership and test driving the car or cars they’re interested in.

6. Build a brand

Hash tags and @mentions build a brand and a recall that car dealerships can benefit from. Branding will make your business be more memorable and draw more customers.

7. Stand out from the competition

Be different from the competition. Attract the customers they don’t attract by different methods. Feedback on Twitter is a step into that direction.

8. Follow other businesses and find out how they do it

Learn from the best. Learn from others. Follow them on Twitter and see how other businesses deal with feedback. See how their cause or other events are being used and tweeted for it to be trending. This is a great opportunity to learn from other business and even your competition.

Feedback may be gathered from different sources but as the world gets smaller and more intricate, shifting from real time to reel time, using social media is one option that business really have to do. Car dealerships can greatly benefit from this, as well as any other business.

Sheine Austria is a professional writer whose passion is digital media, technology and blogging. She also used to do some photography in her college days. As a single mother, Sheine is working online as a sales support services provider. When she gave birth to her daughter, she decided to transfer to California and discover her future there.

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