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FollowPro Launches First U.S. “Pay Per Performance” Automotive BDC Call Center


Asbury Park, NJSeptember 4, 2018 — U.S. auto dealers are continually confused by complicated third-party call center billing techniques. Paying by the minute, paying by the lead, and other traditional metrics are a poor substitute for actual sales results. Starting September 2018, FollowPro Call Centers ( will launch their “pay per performance” business model for U.S. dealers. Dealer clients are only billed for prospects that “show” at the dealership.

No “per minute” or “per lead” fees, just an agreed-upon charge for customers that actually step foot on the showroom floor to talk to a salesperson. FollowPro’s parent company, Suivitel Call Centers, have successfully launched the program into more than 70 participating Canadian auto dealers, with strong results. “We have found that dealer principals and managers are overpaying for traditional BDC call center services, based on a comparison of our program vs. previous results.” says Followpro founder Daniel Forget.

“We are the only call service that believes enough in our team of commissioned salespeople to put our business on the line right next to our U.S. dealer partners.” “U.S. dealers are receptive to any alternative vs. the growing cost of traditional outsourced BDC call centers,” according to Bruno Lucarelli, president of FollowPro’s exclusive U.S. sales representative, MSS Auto Sales (

“The current system makes it extremely difficult for auto retail stores to determine the efficacy of their call centers. Dealers will end up actually paying less with FollowPro, finally getting full accountability from their BDC call center vendor.” FollowPro’s commissioned salespeople are assigned to a designated store and stay in contact with each prospect through the conclusion of their business with the dealer. This creates valuable feedback based on customers’ comments about their experience with each store, allowing dealers to address any unknown “pain points” in their sales process.

About FollowPro Automotive Call Services

Founded by call center industry veteran Daniel Forget, Followpro Automotive Call Services ( are the first “pay per performance” call centers available for U.S. automotive dealers. FollowPro Automotive Call Services are represented exclusively in the U.S. by MSS Auto Sales.

About Mobility Sales Solutions

Founded by Bruno Lucarelli, a veteran of Autotrader,, and eBay Motors, Mobility Sales Solutions is the exclusive U.S. representative of FollowPro Call Services and the Vin-UP™ Service Vehicle Acquisition Program. Contact [email protected].Media Contact

For more information, or to schedule an interview, please contact Bruno Lucarelli at [email protected].

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