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FrogData Named Finalist for Innovation Cup at DrivingSales Executive Summit


San FranciscoOctober 8, 2018 — Retail automotive data analytics vendor FrogData, a division of izmocars, announced today its selection as one of only five industry finalists for the DrivingSales Innovation Cup. The cup will be awarded to the most innovative retail automotive solution of the year at the DrivingSales Executive Summit (DSES) 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Oct. 21-23. DSES is the premier 3-day event for dealership professionals seeking to improve dealership performance and advance retail automotive careers.

“I look forward to showcasing the power of our analytics platform at DSES,” said Tej Soni, CEO of FrogData, who will be presenting the company’s solution. “Our platform delivers actionable intelligence based on data analytics, going far beyond typical DMS reporting. Ultimately, our goal is to help dealers make better decisions.”

During the DSES conference, finalists will be invited on stage to present their solution, with each presentation taking no more than five minutes. A panel of dealers will score each finalist’s presentation, and then determine the winner of the Innovation Cup Award by secret ballot. The finalist receiving the highest score from the panel of judges will be designated “Innovation Cup Winner” and presented with an elegant trophy, as well as a free license to use the accolade in their marketing efforts and materials.

FrogData is a reporting and analytics platform designed to empower dealerships through detailed reports and insights, including predictive analytics. The FrogData platform aggregates data from any DMS, CRM, Service Appointment tool or Google Analytics to facilitate data mining across all collected data.

“We are delighted to be selected as one of the finalists for the Innovation Cup this year,” said Soni. “It has been a long journey to bring our data analytics platform to reality but we are pleased to see that it is working so well and making a big difference to our clients who are using it.”

For more information about FrogData, as well as their data offerings, please visit our website.

About FrogData

FrogData Business Analytics Platform delivers Advanced Reporting, Business Insights and Predictive Analytics to Auto Dealers, helping them make better decisions to make positive impact on their business. FrogData is based in San Francisco, CA.

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