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Goodway Group Launches Proprietary Auto Purchase Attribution, Connecting Online Advertising to Offline Auto Sales for Regional Advertisers


PhiladelphiaSeptember 18, 2018Goodway Group, the digital partner advertisers trust to deliver campaign performance and media efficiency, today announced the launch of Auto Purchase Attribution, a proprietary solution with Oracle Data Cloud that connects online advertising efforts to offline auto sales at a regional level.

The solution anonymously matches Goodway’s impression data to Polk purchase data to determine which households were exposed to advertising and which of those exposed households also purchased a vehicle. What makes Goodway’s attribution solution unique is its methodology that gives dealer groups reasonable budget and impression feasibility levels as well as exclusive analytics based on actual sales data. Additionally, execution is effortless for the dealer group, with all the heavy-lifting work completed on the backend.

Other attribution solutions are typically out of reach for regional auto advertisers, often requiring high budgets and complex setup requirements while delivering reporting only at a state or national level. Through Goodway’s partnerships with technology and data companies as well as sophisticated data warehousing capabilities, it breaks down that high barrier to entry for regional advertisers and delivers a no-hassle execution that works seamlessly with an existing campaign setup for any programmatic channel including display, mobile and connected TV.

Goodway’s exclusive attribution analytics are centered around buy-through rate (BTR), which calculates at the dealer group level, sales from exposed households divided by total exposed households (exposed sales/ exposed households x 100). There are numerous reporting dimensions available including make, model, new/used and others which give dealers deep insights about advertising’s real influence on various segments of their businesses. Also, dealer groups can benchmark against brand, state and national BTR metrics to better gauge their own advertising and sales performance.

“Regional auto advertisers have long had to rely on proxy metrics such as clicks and site activities to gauge the success of their digital marketing,”

said Jay Friedman, President, Goodway Group. “Auto Purchase Attribution takes the guesswork out of marketing, making it easier for dealers to base success on actual cars sold.” Throughout the entire data matching process, Goodway Group maintains strict privacy standards by anonymizing data every step of the way and using secure data handling practices.

First, it shares monthly impression reporting for all auto advertisers with Oracle Data Cloud, which then matches the impression data with its proprietary cookie pool of households, creating an exposed household.

Before sharing with Polk, Oracle anonymizes the data again, and Polk then matches this data with anonymized sales information from state DMVs. The final file is securely shared back to Goodway for final processing and association with applicable campaigns.

“Going back to our days in the direct mail business, Goodway has a proud history of supporting regional auto dealers with innovative advertising solutions,” said Dave Wolk, CEO, Goodway Group. “At the end of the day, auto dealers are looking for a partner they trust, and we are thrilled to deliver an attribution solution that continues to build upon that legacy of trust and strengthen our regional partnerships.”

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