InterviewJun 12th, 2024

I AM MARKETING | Alex Sanchez

The third episode of "I Am Marketing" (IAM) by Dealer Marketing Magazine (DMM) features Alex Sanchez, Marketing Director at Bean Automotive Group. Alex shares his career journey, from early lessons in automotive advertising to adapting to the industry's digital evolution. He provides valuable insights into the importance of aligning marketing efforts with sales goals and the unique challenges of service marketing. Here's a breakdown of the key takeaways from his interview.

Early Lessons in Automotive Advertising

Alex Sanchez shares a pivotal moment in his career when a general sales manager emphasized that everything he does should answer the question, "Does it sell cars?" This lesson underscored the importance of aligning all marketing efforts with the core objective of driving sales, shaping Alex's approach to automotive marketing. Observing the competence, integrity, and transparency of a general sales manager early in his career instilled a deep respect for professionalism and ethical conduct in the automotive industry.

Evolution of Advertising Methods

Starting his career in the pre-internet era, Alex recalls the days when dealers faxed in lists of cars for advertising. With the advent of digital platforms, the landscape changed drastically. Despite the initial allure of new car advertisements, Alex learned the significant impact of service marketing, realizing the different dynamics and priorities of service managers compared to new car sales teams. This evolution highlights the industry's adaptation to new technologies and changing consumer behaviors.

Balancing New and Used Car Marketing

Initially drawn to the allure of marketing new cars, Alex quickly realized the significant role of service marketing. He emphasizes understanding the distinct dynamics and demands of service managers compared to new car sales managers.

Listening and Understanding Needs

A key aspect of Alex's approach is listening to the needs and challenges of different departments, and finding creative marketing solutions tailored to those specific needs. Successful marketing requires adapting creative strategies to meet the specific objections and challenges identified by dealership staff.

Ongoing Digital Revolution

Alex discusses the continuous impact of the digital revolution, from social media to AI, on automotive marketing. He emphasizes staying ahead of these changes to effectively engage with modern consumers. While traditional advertising still plays a role, the shift towards digital-only strategies is a significant consideration. Alex explores the future of advertising in the automotive space, weighing the benefits of digital media and the rise of dynamic content creation on platforms present both opportunities and challenges. Alex admires the creativity in these spaces and considers how dealerships can leverage such talent for engaging marketing campaigns.

Alex values the inherent honesty and transparency required in automotive advertising. Despite misconceptions, he argues that automotive advertising is among the most factual and regulated forms of marketing.

In this episode, Alex Sanchez offers valuable insights into the complexities of automotive marketing. His experiences underscore the importance of listening, adaptability, and collaboration in driving successful marketing campaigns.

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