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The fourth episode of "I AM MARKETING" by Dealer Marketing Magazine features Jordan Cox, Head of Community at Automotive State of the Union (ASOTU). Cox shares his transformative journey into the automotive industry, transitioning from aspirations in business finance to a passionate career in automotive sales and marketing. He delves into his experiences, insights, and the evolving landscape of automotive marketing. Here's a breakdown of the key takeaways from his interview:

Transition from Sales to Marketing

Initially aiming for a career in investment banking, Jordan found his passion in automotive sales through a friend's father, who was a sales manager at a high-end used car lot specializing in German vehicles. This experience ignited his love for helping people find the right solutions for their needs.

His move from sales to marketing was driven by his desire to combine his digital marketing skills with his passion for the automotive industry. Jordan highlights how this transition allowed him to utilize his talents in web design, video production, and graphic design to create impactful community engagement strategies.

The Importance of People-Centric Focus

The importance of focusing on people and delivering exceptional customer experiences is emphasized. Jordan believes that the automotive industry offers numerous opportunities to improve how services are provided, whether it’s buying a car, servicing it, or finding the right parts. He underscores that the core value transfer in automotive is about meeting customer needs effectively. By placing people at the center of business operations, Jordan argues that companies can create better experiences and foster stronger relationships with their customers.

Learning and Growth in the Industry

Jordan shares his journey of self-taught skills in web design, video production, and digital marketing. His dedication to learning these skills over nearly two decades highlights the importance of continual personal and professional development. Encouraging others to continuously learn and grow within the industry, Jordan suggests that the willingness to adapt and acquire new skills is essential for staying relevant and making meaningful contributions to the automotive sector.

Building Community and Brand Awareness

As Head of Community at ASOTU, Jordan focuses on building long-term awareness and engaging with both dealers, industry partners and automotive professionals. He describes his role in creating a strong brand presence through storytelling and consistent content creation. By highlighting the importance of storytelling in creating meaningful connections and improving the automotive industry, Jordan explains how ASOTU’s initiatives aim to keep the community informed and engaged with the latest industry developments.

Advice for Aspiring Automotive Professionals

Throughout the conversation, Jordan highlights how his role in sales has contributed to his career. He recommends working in automotive sales to quickly learn valuable people skills and understand the industry. He believes that sales experience is invaluable for anyone looking to make a significant impact in the automotive field and also learn about themselves.

The importance of believing in oneself and inspiring others to do the same is something Jordan truly advocates for. He shares his own experiences of self-doubt and the continuous journey of self-discovery, emphasizing that confidence and perseverance are key to achieving success.

In this episode, Jordan Cox offers valuable insights into the world of automotive marketing and highlights the importance of community engagement and management in terms of brand and marketing strategy.

His journey from finance to automotive sales and marketing underscores the importance of adaptability, continuous learning, and a people-centric approach to creating exceptional customer experiences. His story is an inspiration for marketers looking to enhance their digital presence and connect more meaningfully with their audience.

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