CommentaryOct 5th, 2010

Leverage Your Resources to Overcome Objections


How many times has a customer been difficult to you on the phone? If you are an automotive professional like me, chances are that it has happened a lot. These days, we have access to numerous resources and technology that allows our dealerships to constantly stay in front of consumers. However, very few dealerships out there are leveraging these resources to engage their customers on the phone. In the modern age with our consumers being wiser than ever, car shopping lines such as “Price is the easiest part of my job” will just not cut it.

We need to be creative and think about all of the tools that we have. We have reputation management for the purpose of SEO and driving more traffic to the dealership. Did you know, however, that you can use your dealerships positive online reputation to overcome objections?

For instance, you have consumers that are weary of dealerships because they had bad experiences in dealerships before. A great rebuttal would be something like, “Here at ABC Motors we are one of the most reputable dealerships in the area. Don’t just take my word for it. Google our dealership and read the reviews for yourself.” Before you say something like this, however, make sure the information is true, because customers will visit the site.

Next, there are consumers that want to do business locally to avoid the hassle of driving far to purchase their next vehicle. These people need to be aware that the dealership is very active in supporting the local community with charities or big events. We want the consumer to understand that we will treat them as if they are a part of our family. Did you know that you can talk about your dealerships contribution to the community to overcome objections?

A great rebuttal would be something like, “Here at ABC Motors, we are a family owned dealership and we provide a lot of support to our community which you are also a part of (mention charities and/or foundations). So you can rest assure that we will take care of you on getting you the best possible deal and provide you with the level of service that you deserve.”

The subprime consumer can sometimes make the process more difficult than it is, because other dealerships are always giving them false hopes and a runaround. This makes them feel like they are wasting time and losing patience. We need to be able to slow them down and let them know that anything is possible as long as they help with cooperation. Did you know that you can make more appointments with subprime customers by using videos to prove your point?

“Mr. Jones, I understand that you do not want to come in unless you know for sure that you are approved. You are not the first customer that I have had in a similar situation. I am not here to give you false promises. I am here to let you know that we will work hard to get you approved. As a matter of fact, I have proven testimonials of customers just like you that can share how simple this process was for them. Would you like to see them?”

What is the bottom line? Your dealership has so many marketing resources that are being used to drive business. Try using them when handling difficult objections. You might discover that you’re breaking the ice with the customer and forming a strong relationship. Someone once told me, “You have to get people to like you, trust you, and believe in you”. This is the right start to do just that with your prospects.


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