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Maximize your NADA 2024 Experience in Five Steps

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NADA 2024 is around the corner - February 1-4, 2024! In Vegas. It’s a must-attend event. And, as everyone knows, NADA is the industry’s biggest event. The good news is that you can plan your experience so that you don’t get overwhelmed. Book your flight, get your ticket and hotel room and follow these simple tips to make the most of your NADA experience.

#1. Download the NADA Mobile App

With over 90 educational workshop sessions, two super sessions, five Main Stage speakers, 24 Spotlight Speakers (the updated Distinguished Speaker Series) and more than five hundred exhibitors, the event organizers have created a huge event to navigate. Their convenient mobile app will help you manage your priorities. Bookmark the workshops you want to attend and use the app to contact vendors and set up appointments. Once onsite, your plan is in the palm of your hand. The app is free and easy to download. Check it out on your device’s app store!

#2. Block out time to Learn

NADA has a great variety of speakers including two Super Sessions, multiple Main Stage speakers and this year’s Spotlight Speaker series - from Danica Patrick to Kurt Warner. One of the most popular events is The Exchange featuring peer-to-peer roundtable discussions for dealers and managers. You won’t want to miss any of these speakers, so be sure to schedule appointments around them in your mobile app. According to Joe Hansen, Director of Corporate Fixed Operations at the Cardinale Automotive Group, “the workshops feature useful leadership content. There is always something to learn and bring back to our dealerships.”

#3. Pre-schedule your meetings with exhibitors and keep your appointments

Shaun “Niff” Kniffin, Marketing and Technology Director at Germain Motor Co says “the Expo Hall is where the action is.” He goes to NADA to spend time with partners and to see new technology. If your goal is to have meaningful conversations with as little time on your feet as possible, then use the app or the NADA website to identify both the companies you want to visit as well as their locations. You may be able to schedule appointments in the same hall back to back. As April Simmons, Director of Marketing and Technology for Horne Automotive Group, says, “it’s important to plan travel time or else you’ll be late everywhere you go.” If you do need to reschedule a meeting, make sure you have your vendor’s cell phone number handy. You’ll find that most exhibitors will be very understanding - especially when given a heads up.

#4. Wear comfortable shoes

This goes hand in hand with #3. The new Las Vegas Convention Center is gorgeous – and gigantic. It can take 30 minutes to get from the West Hall to the North Hall. The show is a marathon with exhibitors spread over 700,000 square feet of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Both the North Hall and the West Hall are worth visiting. The North Hall is known as “Innovation Alley” - and, if you’re looking for cutting edge solutions to your persistent operational problems, make time to visit those exhibitors. Joe Hansen notes “You can’t replace the in-person conversations that you get with potential new partners while at NADA. These conversations form the foundation for your relationship.” While it’s great to get your 20,000+ steps in each day during NADA, it is easy to waste time going back and forth between halls.

#5. Have Fun!

NADA is a fantastic time to network and learn from other dealers and technology partners. Take advantage of the lunches, dinners, happy hours, and parties to make new connections in the automotive industry. Eric Schlesinger, CEO of Active Engage, says, “there’s just as much business done off the show floor as on it at NADA.” Whether you’re going to NADA’s opening night at the Sphere or enjoying a Vegas show, take some time to have fun!

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