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MaximTrak Announces FLITE ENGAGE, the Online Retail Platform that Supports and Streamlines the Consumer Vehicle-Buying Experience


Wayne, PA March 22, 2018  — MaximTrak Technologies, the automotive industry’s premier finance and insurance (F&I) platform provider, announced today the release of MaximTrak FLITE ENGAGE.

FLITE ENGAGE was designed to optimize the online consumer buying experience within a brandable and configurable retailing platform.

Built on FLITE technologies, MaximTrak’s suite of showroom tools built for the F&I of tomorrow, FLITE ENGAGE is now available for partners that wish to ENGAGE with consumers online. FLITE ENGAGE, connects consumers and dealership F&I departments earlier in the buying cycle when embedded into OEM, dealer, and third-party websites.

It captures and engages consumers through their shopping journey via mobile or showroom experiences to deliver a complete, transparent, and efficient digital buying solution. This unprecedented array of technologies works together to seamlessly create and deliver the consumer experience the industry has been waiting for.

FLITE ENGAGE is flexible and modular, equipping OEMs and dealers with tools to power their own custom processes, while maintaining support for each of our partners’ unique strategy and approach to the digital transaction.

“We offer FLITE ENGAGE to our partners that wish to redefine the consumer buying experience and create a seamless transition from the online world to the showroom world, especially in F&I.” notes Jim Maxim, Jr, President of MaximTrak, a RouteOne company, and Chief Digital Officer for RouteOne.

With FLITE ENGAGE, OEMs and dealers can develop and enable a custom and modular workflow that seamlessly transitions from OEM and dealer sites to support more transactional level business, allowing consumers to calculate payments options, apply for finance using RouteOne’s secure Online Credit Application and data integrations, customize their vehicle with aftermarket products & accessories, and submit their entire deal right to the dealership.

The FLITE decisioning engine, which leverages data and artificial intelligence, drives tailored product recommendations and powers the entire experience. From living room to showroom – and any stop between — the shopper drives the process.

To further customize their deal, customers use FLITE ENGAGE’s Smart Survey, a predictive analytics tool which recommends an aftermarket package that best fit the customer’s needs based on vehicle choice, deal information, driving habits, and multiple data points.

“FLITE ENGAGE leverages everything we’ve learned about car buyers to reach them where they are, earlier in the buying cycle, to usher them through an exceptional experience and allowing for a robust, customer-directed presentation of the value of F&I protections,” said Maxim.

The MaximTrak platform is deployed domestically and internationally as a turnkey solution for creating engaging selling experiences that yield robust results, redefining F&I. The company’s new FLITE ENGAGE, FLITE, and a suite of solutions, naturally interfaces with RouteOne’s unified, comprehensive consumer services that empower dealers with seamless, state-of-the-art consumer transaction experiences. "With FLITE ENGAGE, the next evolution of FLITE, MaximTrak again redefines the F&I transaction," Maxim says.

About MaximTrak

MaximTrak, a RouteOne Company, offers an all-in-one, digitized platform for flexible F&I and is preferred by leaders in the industry concerned with efficiency, profitability, compliance, and the modern customer experience. The MaximTrak platform transforms the vehicle delivery process into a flexible, customer-friendly program that converts traditional F&I wisdom into consistent, repeatable, and sustainable results. For more information, call 1.800.282.6308 or visit

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