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MaximTrak Announces Zurich North America Integration


Wayne, PA June 27, 2018 — MaximTrak Technologies, the automotive industry’s premier finance and insurance (F&I) platform provider, announced today an integration with Zurich North America.

This integration imports Zurich’s F&I product rates and forms into MaximTrak’s ETrak™ platform to digitize more of the F&I sales process. With this integration, Zurich dealer customers now have access to MaximTrak’s advanced sales systems, MenuTrak™ and FLITE™. ETrak is a secure and reliable solution for both the F&I department and customers.

It streamlines the contracting process and eliminates the time, cost, and errors associated with paper contracts. Dealers can now harness the power of Zurich’s interactive sales process while leveraging MaximTrak’s proprietary consumer risk analyzer and intelligent product scoring models.

For dealers marketing Zurich’s vehicle protection products, this integration will help F&I managers close deals quickly and efficiently, while also improving the quality of the customer experience.

“The goal of our award-winning digital retail sales and F&I platform is always to bring greater transparency, flexibility, convenience, and productivity to the F&I office and, by extension, to dealers’ customers,” said Jim Maxim, Jr., president of MaximTrak, a RouteOne company, and chief digital officer for RouteOne.

“This new integration with Zurich North America continues our relationship with leading industry technology and service providers to bring more value to auto retailers.”

The MaximTrak platform is deployed domestically and internationally as a turnkey solution for creating engaging selling experiences that yield robust results, redefining F&I.

The company’s new FLITE ENGAGE™, FLITE, and a suite of solutions, naturally interfaces with RouteOne’s unified, comprehensive digital retailing suite of services that drive state-of-the-art consumer transactional experiences across a broad array of digital properties.

“As digital ecosystems transform the way auto dealers present, sell, and transact, it is imperative that we offer them access to leading F&I digital retail platforms,” said Marie Knight, head of Direct Markets & Programs Strategic Services for Zurich North America.

“Our integration with MaximTrak will provide our auto dealer customers with advanced systems and interactive sales processes to improve the quality of the F&I customer experience.”

MaximTrak ETrak provides an electronic ecosystem that combines direct provider integrations, indirect provider integrations, and fully managed rates, tables, and business rules.

These solutions enable dealers to digitize the workflow inside of their F&I office across providers, systems and processes.

The ETrak platform builds complex integration and business layer logic from many product providers into one rating and contracting interface that standardizes the workflow, from the point of sale through registration and remittance.

Now, dealers offering Zurich’s vehicle protection products — who choose to activate MaximTrak’s ETrak under this integration — will reduce customers’ time in F&I by as much as 15 minutes and benefit from an array of new presentation tools.

About Zurich

Zurich is one of the largest insurance providers of franchised auto dealers in the United States and one of the top providers of F&I products and services.

Learn more at In 2014, Zurich first introduced digital F&I consumer education with its illuminate iPad® application, which changed the F&I point of sale customer experience. Z

urich has enhanced illuminate in recent years and continues to offer point of sale F&I information with great functionality and smooth navigation, including product videos and additional term and coverage options, as well as the ability to capture customer signatures and save or print transaction records from iPads inside the dealership.

Zurich can trace its roots in the U.S. automotive industry back to 1922 with the founding of Universal Underwriters.

Today Zurich provides commercial insurance, F&I products and services, consultative training services, Streamlined Selling System illuminate, income development technology, compliance resources and reinsurance programs to the automotive retail industry segment including franchised auto dealerships.

About MaximTrak

MaximTrak, a RouteOne Company, offers an all-in-one, digitized platform for flexible F&I and is preferred by leaders in the industry concerned with efficiency, profitability, compliance, and the modern customer experience.

The MaximTrak platform transforms the vehicle delivery process into a flexible, customer-friendly program that converts traditional F&I wisdom into consistent, repeatable, and sustainable results. For more information, call 1.800.282.6308 or visit

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