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myKaarma Launches SmartAssist AI Technology for Dealership Service Departments


Long Beach, CA March 13, 2018 myKaarma, software that helps dealerships communicate better with their customers at every stage of the service process, right from check-in through to payment, today announced the release of a new artificial intelligence (AI) tool, SmartAssist.

SmartAssist powered by AI acts as a personal assistant for service advisors, researching and providing answers to customer questions. It also provides information on previous recalls, assists in setting appointments and ensures advisors save time answering questions for the customer.

SmartAssist speeds up communication with customers, enables the service advisor to quickly move on to the next customer without missing anything, improves the overall customer experience and service department profitability.

If a customer texts the service advisor to schedule a service appointment, the screen automatically populates with the customer’s VIN number and available appointment times, which can be sent to the customer with a simple click.

No need to type a long reply. It will also pull up quick answers to monotonous questions, any outstanding recalls and suggest a reply that can be sent to the customer, saving the advisor time and ensuring they are on top of every opportunity to present context driven answers.

“Wouldn’t it be great if your service advisors never had to click on ten links to find a simple answer? With SmartAssist they can simply concentrate on taking care of the unique needs of their guests, type less, respond more easily, limit the need to do ‘research’ on each vehicle and instantly know what recalls a customer needs whenever they communicate with you,” said Ujj Nath, myKaarma Chairman and CEO.

The myKaarma software runs on mobile phones, desktops, and tablet computers. It has two main features: service customer communication and payment. Both of these products unite text, voice, and email into a simple conversation.

All dealership’s phone lines for service are bundled into one phone number, ensuring that communication from the service department is easily identifiable to customers. With myKaarma, service advisors can send texts — while at their desk — through their mobile phone, including photos and videos of recommendations for the customer to review. It is then a simple process for customers to approve work, and they can even pay their bill through the app.

The online payment feature also streamlines customers’ pickup of vehicles after service. In addition, myKaarma helps eliminate all paperwork between advisors and controllers. All communication is logged within the platform for future reference.

When a service advisor is on break and the customer needs to get in contact, myKaarma “follow-me” technology sends the message to the service advisor’s smartphone, allowing them to reply even when not at their desk, while capturing the message in the cloud.

Or the service advisor can delegate the message to another service advisor to handle. Instead of struggling to connect through phone tag, the advisor can update and get authorization from the customer in minutes.

When the customer’s vehicle is done, a payment request is sent to that customer through the app with a cash repair invoice, allowing the customer to verify repairs and pay on their smartphone tablet, or PC, without logging into a website.

According to Nath, the addition of SmartAssist makes myKaarma an even more effective tool for auto dealer service departments. “It’s like having a personal assistant research and answer client questions. Easy questions, hard questions, and everything in between,” said Nath.

For more information, or to schedule a product demonstration visit, stop by booth 1047N at the 2018 NADA show in Las Vegas, Nevada, March 23-25, or click here to schedule an appointment at NADA

About myKaarma

myKaarma is the communication and payments platform of choice for the nation’s top automotive manufacturers and groups alike — enabling a consistent high-quality service experience for their brand’s customers. Service departments enjoy an average lift in dollars per repair order (RO) of 37%, a 50% reduction in voicemails left with advisors, a 100% reduction in authorization disputes, a 33% decrease in loaner car days, and an increase in CSI scores. myKaarma's platform backed by its “crazy good” customer service gives dealers the ability to offer their customers 21st Century technology through digital conversations and smart payment systems. myKaarma was named as an official communications and payments partner for Mercedes-Benz USA.

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