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Retail Automotive Software Leader Bridget Townsend Joins Rapid Recon


Palo Alto, CA August 1, 2018  Rapid Recon, the established leader in Time-to-Line (T2L) workflow™ software and reconditioning center transformation, announced today that retail automotive software development leader Bridget Townsend has joined as Vice President of Development.“Bridget is a well-established innovator with a remarkable record of leveraging software to bring operational and profitability solutions to auto retailers. Before choosing to join Rapid Recon, she was actively pursued by some of the best-known technology companies in this space. We are delighted she chose to join the Rapid Recon Team,” said Dennis McGinn, Rapid Recon founder, and CEO.Townsend most recently was COO and co-founder at Vin Voyager. She had been vice president of Vendor Management and Vice President of Market Performance for, respectively, DealerSocket and Dealertrack.“I’ve been involved in software development and implementation within the automotive sector for 18 years, and this product, Rapid Recon, has such a direct and material impact on a dealer’s business. I wanted to work with this team and solution whose high value is very apparent and very measurable,” Townsend said. Rapid Recon development resources now report to her.“Rapid Recon has grown 50% percent in the last 12 months as dealers continue to embrace our intuitive reconditioning software that reduces their recon times to just a few days, making recon more profitable for the dealership,” McGinn said. “Dealers using our workflow solution enjoy R.O.I. results of $50 for each dollar spent on the software.”Townsend compared reconditioning software’s contribution to market efficiency to the advantages inventory management systems brought to the business. “Every dealership should be using this time to line workflow software to combat margin compression. It’s a real miss for dealers to not want to drive margin from this existing part of their business,” she said.Rapid Recon software improves used car inventory turn and builds continuous improvement and work accountability disciplines into recon processes and its personnel.“As we continue to implement Rapid Recon in stores of all sizes, including large, well-established groups, Townsend, and her development team will ensure that Rapid Recon remains the most productive, reliable, stable, mobile, and transformative solution for improving the profitability of the dealer’s used car operation,” McGinn said.

Rapid Recon benchmarks and best practices help GMs, used car managers, and service managers fine-tune their reconditioning methods and efficiency to achieve faster time to market that retains vehicle gross.

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