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Social Media Strategy: Top Performing Storytelling Posts


"Storytelling" is all the rage on social media right now amongst professional marketers. The truth is, this is nothing new. Before "storytelling" conversations dominated social networks like LinkedIn and Clubhouse, marketers and individuals, businesses alike, were already applying this technique on Instagram and Facebook or through their advertising messaging.

As a marketer working in the auto field, I set out with a big goal in mind at the beginning of 2020: to create more visibility for myself in my industry through social media. I sought to do this in part through storytelling and thought leadership, as well as branding myself as an individual within the company I work for. 

However, there was a challenge since I wasn't on any of the social sites as an individual. I took the first step of my own social journey with LinkedIn, as I recognized this medium's growth. As of January 2021, Professionals are joining LinkedIn at a rate of nearly 3 new members per second.  

According to Knista Only 3 million users (out of the more than 700 million) share content on a weekly basis. This means that only about 1% of LinkedIn's 260 million monthly users share posts.  There is thus plenty of opportunity. Flash forward to the present. After having numerous of my own personal storytelling posts go viral, I have found that there are specific types of posts that perform the best. These include:

Static image posts 

A post made of up of text copy and a photo. LinkedIn posts with images get 2x higher engagement than other types of posts. I like to use relevant hashtags at the end of my posts for added visibility. 

Video Posts

A post that is made up of text copy and a video. Video is great because it is not just visual, but audio as well. Because only 1% of people use LinkedIn as a actual social network with posts, there is a real growth opportunity. Just like the static post, I like to end my post with hashtags relevant to the topic.

The great news for every person on any social platform is that they all have a unique story to tell even if they haven't started yet. I like to say that the fun part of social storytelling is pinpointing your story in a post, interweaving it with your dealership or business's culture, and then tie it back into a relevant social site like LinkedIn! 

Most importantly, have a strategy for how you will market for yourself on social. You will maximize the power of your posts and increase your odds to generate positive connections and opportunities! 

Authored by

Melanie Borden

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