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Telenav Launches Connected In-Car Advertising Platform for Automotive OEMs


Santa Clara, CAJanuary 4, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Telenav®, Inc. (NASDAQ:TNAV), a leading provider of connected-car and location-based platform services, is launching an In-Car Advertising Platform that enables automotive OEMs to generate revenue by delivering ads to cars in a safe, user-friendly, and contextually-relevant way.

Leveraging deep expertise in location-based mobile advertising and automotive navigation software, Telenav's In-Car Advertising Platform delivers an end-to-end offering to OEM partners — from ad targeting to ad sales and campaign management. As the only company with expertise across the entire in-car advertising value chain, Telenav is the ideal advertising platform partner for OEMs.

With minimal investment, OEMs can participate in advertising revenue opportunities. The In-Car Advertising Platform is powered by Telenav's In-Car Ads SDK (Software Development Kit) and cloud-based intelligent targeting platform. The platform's focus on safety, context, and value makes it an ideal in-car ad solution for both drivers and OEMs. To ensure driver safety, ads only appear when the vehicle is stopped, such as at car startup, traffic lights, and upon arrival.

The ads automatically disappear whenever the car is in motion or when users interact with other in-dash functions such as music or phone calls. From a context and value perspective, relevant ads such as coupons and recommendations are delivered to customers based on information from the vehicle, including frequently traveled routes, destinations, and time of the day.

As an example, drivers can be encouraged to pick up a discounted pizza on the way home or be alerted to sales at stores near their destination. In addition, when the vehicle is low on gas, the platform points out nearby stations along the driver's route, potentially with discount offers. Today, Telenav is ready to work with OEM partners to integrate its In-Car Advertising Platform into their vehicles whether they are using Telenav's navigation solution or not.

"Connected, intelligent cars provide OEMs with new opportunities to roll out innovative features and services," stated HP Jin, CEO of Telenav. "Telenav's In-Car Advertising Platform provides an exciting new opportunity for OEMs to monetize connectivity to cover service costs and even drive healthy profits while enriching the consumer experience with safely-delivered, engaging, and relevant offers." If you are interested in learning more about Telenav's cutting edge in-car ad solution, please email at [email protected] for scheduling a meeting with Telenav at Renaissance Hotel during CES 2018.

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Telenav (NASDAQ:TNAV) is a leading provider of connected car and location-based platform services, focused on transforming life on the go for people- before, during, and after every drive. Leveraging our location platform, global brands such as Ford, GM, Toyota, and AT&T deliver custom connected car and mobile experiences. Fortune 500 advertisers and local advertisers can now reach millions of users with our highly-targeted advertising platform. To learn more about how Telenav's location platform powers personalized navigation, mapping, big data intelligence, social driving, and location-based ads, visit

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