CommentaryMay 7th, 2024

The Dealership Data Era (Episode Two)

In a world accustomed to quick fixes and fleeting insights, we're embracing the art of experimentation: conversational content.

Unscripted, free-flowing conversations among three luminaries from the Dealer Marketing Magazine Expert Panel, this is The Dealership Data Era Episode Two.

The following has been produced with the help of AI to assist you in navigating the conversation between Jennifer Sanford, Ilana Shabtay, Jacci Grillo-Noto and Laurie Halter.


The conversation kicks off with a recognition of the overwhelming amount of data inundating the automotive industry, highlighting the pressing need to advocate for a more personalized approach to data utilization.

A key focal point is the effective harnessing of data, particularly in the context of AI integration. The discussion underscores the importance of delineating customer segments to ensure precise interpretation of data quality.

Addressing challenges arising from the absence of standardized measurements among dealers, the conversation underscores the paramount importance of data accuracy and cleanliness.

Participants emphasize the imperative of dismantling data silos and fostering collaboration with experts or vendors specializing in dealership-specific data. They delve into the evolving role of AI in augmenting customer experiences by streamlining operations.

Looking ahead to 2024, prognostications center on a deeper fusion of inventory and customer data to drive personalized marketing initiatives. Panelists underscore that the efficacy of technology hinges on empowering teams through training and process enhancements in the face of advancing AI trends.

Key Areas

Importance of Personalizing Data

The need to personalize data and refer to it as facts and information, making it more relevant to dealership operations, is emphasized.

Challenges with Data Standardization

  • Lack of standardization in data measurement and parameters across the industry poses confusion for dealers.
  • Call for creating industry standards to ensure consistency and clarity in data usage.

Un-Siloing Data

  • The importance of un-siloing data to enhance its utility and effectiveness was highlighted.

Integration of AI with Data

  • Discussion on the role of AI in processing and utilizing vast amounts of data efficiently.
  • Need for dealers to start learning about AI and integrate it into their operations.

Utilizing Data for Customer Experience

  • Emphasis on combining inventory and customer data to create long-term customer relationships.
  • Prioritizing lead sources through cross-referencing consumer data for enhanced service lane acquisition.

People, Process, and Technology Integration

  • Acknowledgment of the importance of aligning people, processes, and technology within dealerships for effective data utilization and customer interaction.


Chapter 1: Reconceptualizing Data

00:03: Jen initiates a shift in perspective, emphasizing the importance of personalizing data.

01:33: Discussion shifts towards focusing on customers and prospects rather than generic data.

04:09: Emphasis on standardizing data measurements and creating unified industry standards.

Chapter 2: Utilizing Data Strategically

05:16: Importance of developing strategies around data usage to benefit customers and business operations.

07:08: Addressing the need for standardization to streamline data interpretation.

11:25: Challenges in effectively utilizing vast amounts of data at dealership levels are acknowledged.

Chapter 3: The Role of AI in Data Processing

11:37: Exploring the integration of AI in processing and analyzing data effectively.

13:30: Discussion on the potential of AI in enhancing data processing and human resource efficiency.

14:55: Anticipating the evolving relationship between data, AI, and human resources.

Chapter 4: Data Accuracy and Transparency

16:02: Call for un-siloing data to enhance its relevance for modern shoppers.

17:17: Emphasis on the significance of accurate and accessible data for informed decision-making.

20:43: Importance of understanding data definitions and timeframes for effective data interpretation.

Chapter 5: Future Trends and Predictions

21:21: Encouraging feedback and communication to tailor data insights to client needs.

23:50: Focus on AI integration and leveraging trusted advisors for strategic data adoption.

26:34: Integration of customer and inventory data to enhance long-term customer relationships and operational efficiency.

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