Aja Goldey

Aja Goldey

Director of Marketing and Partner Success
Dealer Apps

DMM Expert Aja Goldey

Aja Goldey is the Director of Marketing and Partner Success at Dealer Apps, the leader in response capturing and tracking. Her journey into automotive started at a dealership where she worked part-time during college. Aja has a unique and well developed understanding of dealership operations, having worked in sales, accounting, finance and inventory management at the start of her career. 

Viewing marketing as a twofold approach to problem solving, Aja fluidly combines both the creative and analytical side to expand market share and increase profitability for her dealership clients. 

Focused on all things marketing, from strategy and creative design to execution and tracking, Aja is driven by a desire to help dealerships reach their goals and build their customer loyalty. 

Aja has worked with the nation’s largest private and publicly held dealer groups, printers, and agencies on creative, compliance, OEM brand guidelines, and campaign execution. She has consulted with ad agencies of all sizes to help develop advertising strategies, as well as expand their offerings so they may better serve their dealership clients.

Articles by Aja

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We humans complicate things, and it’s no surprise in dealerships it manifests in grandiose form, especially noticeable when it comes to how teams, training, and advertising relate to technology. These four areas, when not in harmony, work...

Building Customer Relationships with Tactile Action-Based Marketing

If you’re like most dealers, you invest thousands of dollars each month into various marketing channels. Some of which you may be deploying right now: TV, radio, digital, email, direct mail, social. If you’re not active in your community while...