Denise Galiatsatos

President | PCG Digital

Denise Galiatsatos is a proud leader and the President of PCG Digital, a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in automotive digital advertising. She is passionate about helping dealerships discover their brand voice and strategizing with the internal PCG team on how to bring those brand messages to shoppers. By developing and producing The Automotive Social Media Sales Funnel in 2017, she has helped dealerships all across the country maximize their ad spend on Facebook and Instagram to deliver a great return on their investment. In 2018 she successfully orchestrated the PCG Digital rebrand. Denise is a professional public speaker and educator and became an International Speaker when she educated attendees at the World Shopper Conference in Estoril, Portugal. Her speaking career has grown outside of the automotive community; she was a keynote at the 2018 Association of Directory Publishers Convention. Her book ‘Can You See Me Now’ takes readers on a journey to fully understand and utilize the digital landscape. Her greatest accomplishment thus far has been becoming a mother in 2020. Denise lives along the Jersey Shore with her husband George and her baby daughter, Summer. In 2021 she will be launching
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