Donna Welker DMM Expert

Donna Welker

Regional Vice President
Graham Oleson

DMM Expert Donna Welker

Donna is a fiercely driven strategic sales and marketing executive. She is an idea generator, campaign developer and a results oriented professional. As the Regional Vice President of Graham Oleson, Donna has built a successful 17 year track record in marketing, branding, sales and leadership. By drawing on vast expertise to discern and cater to the unique needs of each client, Donna consistently raises the corporate bottom line by generating campaigns and promotions which in turn generate substantial market awareness and interest. With a passion for continued professional development, Donna's list of specialities extend to include the full spectrum of marketing.

Articles by Donna

Exploring Influential and Impactful Automotive Advertising Campaigns (Part Two)

From 2001 on, the auto industry took a new approach for disruptive marketing that aligned with a world that was rapidly changing and evolving. Disruptive marketing is all about standing out from the crowd. In today’s loud, digital, tech-savvy...

Exploring Influential and Impactful Automotive Advertising Campaigns

Advertising has come a long way since its humble beginnings. There's no doubt about it – marketing remains an ever-changing landscape: What worked a few years ago may not be effective today, and what's popular now may be out of style in a few...

NADA 2022 Annual Convention

To say that the last two years have offered some significant challenges to our industry would be an understatement.  As we have been forced to change the way we not only do business but how we learn, network, and connect as a community, NADA...