Fleming Ford DMM Expert

Fleming Ford

Director of Business Talent Solutions
NCM Associates

DMM Expert Fleming Ford

Fleming Ford is NCM's Director of Business Talent Solutions who is responsible for designing and implementing leadership development and executive coaching programs to provide progressive leaders with the tools, models, mindsets, and people strategies to recruit, grow and retain high-performing teams.

She believes that when leaders grow, companies grow.  Fleming strives to unlock leadership potential by challenging managers to rethink what it means to lead today and how they can better inspire, empower, and transform the results of any team.  

Email: [email protected] Phone: 913-340-8489

Articles by Fleming

Embrace Change as a Leader for Your Dealership to Thrive

If we have learned anything during the pandemic, it’s time we get comfortable with being uncomfortable! The good news is leaders that embrace and encourage change have a dynamic team with a stronger and healthier culture, whereas dealerships...

Embracing Change As a Leader - Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

Leaders who embrace change have a dynamic team with a stronger and healthier culture, whereas dealerships that aren’t open to change tend to BE stagnant and vulnerable to failure. In other words, if you’re not willing to change, you’re not...

Cultivating a Winning Sales Team

When your dealership hits its sales goals, profitability and morale run high. Life at your dealership is energized, employees are engaged and looking forward for the future. Success like this doesn’t just happen by accident. It occurs through...

8 Management Techniques to Maximize Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a critical issue for most dealerships. Engagement is the level of involvement, enthusiasm and commitment and employee feels toward their job and workplace. Today’s atmosphere offers so many distractions that can keep your...