Kaylee Felio DMM Expert

Kaylee Felio

Sales and Marketing Manager
Parts Edge

DMM Expert Kaylee Felio

Kaylee Felio is the Sales and Marketing Manager at PartsEdge and led the development of the brand which maximizes the Parts Department by taking inventory to the next level. 

Kaylee began her mission by understanding the brand purpose, creating brand awareness and developing relationships with Parts Managers. Through driving technological advancement, and developing an understanding of the technical challenges faced by the people on both the dealership and consumer side, Kaylee has been able to create and grow a sales and marketing department unlike any other in their niche. 

Almost ten years later, Kaylee is the host of the Parts Girl Podcast which focuses on conversations that level up the way we do business in the automotive industry. She also has worked closely with the founders of PartsEdge to develop resources and eBooks to bolster, develop and support the Parts Department. 

Kaylee is passionate about solving inventory problems through technology and her approach to marketing is firmly rooted in utilizing data and market demand to drive understanding and planning mechanisms that further efficiency within dealerships.

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