Laurie Foster

Founding Partner | Foster Strategies Group

Working for the largest automotive retailers and one of the largest digital marketing companies in the country provided Foster with the opportunity to interact with over 300 dealerships, their leaders, and the corporate team. After 22 years in multiple sectors of Automotive, Laurie has seen firsthand the Time, Energy and Money wasted, chasing a future that failed to deliver desired results. She has built a company, Foster Strategies Group, offering her highly-focused insights and strategies which allow today’s progressive dealerships and vendors new, profitable paths to success. Foster employs an innovative behavioral-based approach to all her work that makes real change possible and sustainable. Her customized consulting, workshops, training, leadership coaching, and operational strategy are all infused with her care for the stability, strength, and success of each client. Known as a ‘connector’ in our industry, she cares deeply about creating real paths for the people, especially the women, she meets on the journey. Her enthusiasm for you, for life, for our business, and the opportunities at hand is genuine. Laurie looks forward to sharing her knowledge and extensive expertise with the Dealer Marketing audience. 
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