Sarah Vantine DMM Expert

Sarah Vantine

Vice President of Sales

DMM Expert Sarah Vantine

Sarah is the VP of Sales at Quantum5, who aim to transform the traditional 7-touchpoint car buying process into a relationship-driven 2-part experience, building lifetime value relationships along a customer’s buying journey.

Over the last decade, Sarah has evolved her career from being a sales consultant at a dealership to championing multifaceted business development strategies across variable and fixed operations departments.

Sarah is passionate about helping automotive dealers succeed by creating business development strategies that remove roadblocks, empower people, and elevate the customer’s experience. Through investing in the automotive industry by providing dealer training solutions across BDC, Sales, Fixed Ops, and Leadership, Sarah continues to live her mantra of “people first.”

Named a 40 Under 40 Automotive News star for her proven results in creating a revenue powerhouse service business development center she built from scratch in 2018, Sarah went on to be recognized by AutoSuccess Magazine’s Women at the Wheel honoree in 2022. She has been featured in numerous publications, interviews, and speaking engagements.

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