Steven Adragna

Steven Adragna

President and Chief Recruiter
Global Auto Staffing

DMM Expert Steven Adragna

Steven Adragna, immersed in the automotive industry from an early age, discovered his passion lay beyond the traditional confines of the car business. Rising to the challenge of becoming a General Manager at just 29, he grappled with the time-consuming task of staffing dealerships while excelling in his natural talents of recruiting top-notch talent, selling cars, and elevating the bottom line.

Recognizing the industry-wide struggle with time management in talent acquisition, Steven turned this challenge into an opportunity. Daily networking calls with job seekers became the catalyst for his journey into a fulfilling career in talent acquisition.

Steven specializes in comprehensive dealership talent solutions. From recruiting across all management levels, sales, parts, service, accounting, and human resources to staffing from entry positions to the top echelons of the C-Suite, he excels in organizational personnel consulting. Leveraging over 20 years of experience in both automotive retail and recruiting, Steven utilizes his extensive network, industry insights, and negotiation skills to provide clients with invaluable advice on growing their automotive businesses.

Today, Steven advocates for unlocking the untapped potential within a dealership's own workforce. He emphasizes that true growth and career opportunities arise from harnessing internal talent, fostering employee retention, and facilitating growth from within. Recognising the role that talent attraction plays in the acquisition process, Steven is focused on delivering impactful and educational strategies to equip dealers in navigating the war for talent.

Articles by Steven

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