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Camera Etiquette / Absolute Attribution / Fandom

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by Mostly Automotive Marketing

In this Episode of Mostly Automotive Marketing with Matt Wilson we start off talking about camera etiquette. Do you turn your camera on for meetings or keep it off? We’ll discuss the etiquette and share peoples LinkedIN comments. We’ll also discuss ‘absolutely’ attribution. Is it possible to know EXACTLY what convinced someone to buy a car? Of course not! We’ll discuss. Also, is it possible to be BOTH a Patriots Fan and a Tom Brady Fan? Matt thinks so, but the world doesn’t seem to agree.

Matt Wilson

A Podcast all about Automotive Marketing. Mostly. Matt is the Account Director at SilverBack Advertising a full-service marketing agency with a focus in the automotive vertical. Previously Matt was the Marketing Director for a group of Nissan stores in the Northeast and spent 15 years in the radio industry, first in Promotions and Marketing, and then as an on-air host and program director. Matt is also the host of ‘Mostly Automotive Marketing with Matt Wilson’.

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