Designing and Engineering the Third-Generation Cadillac LYRIQ

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What’s the first step towards becoming an engineer? Whether you’re becoming an electrical, mechanical, or automotive engineer, the answer is typically going to school. According to Jamie Brewer, your path to engineering starts much earlier than that.

Engineers start their journey as curious kids dismantling and reassembling the things laying around their parent's house. This is driven by their natural curiosity and desire for constant learning, which Jamie says is essential for success in the engineering profession.

Jamie Brewer, the Vehicle Chief Engineer of Future Electric Vehicles at General Motors, is Aharon Horwitz's guest in this episode of the InsideAuto Podcast, where they talk about all things engineering and the production of General Motors’ Cadillac LYRIQ. They also discuss the things you need to consider while engineering an electric car, what it takes to become a vehicle chief engineer, and what the Cadillac LYRIQ means for the Cadillac brand.

Ilana Shabtay

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