The Challenges Dealerships Face with Their Fixed Ops Strategies

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For car buyers to continue driving and enjoying the use of their cars for a long time, regular maintenance, servicing, and repairs are very important. Many dealerships offer these services to their customers but the strategies they use to market them aren’t always effective.

Most dealerships face common fixed ops challenges, including too few technicians for the job and complicated service schedulers, which leads to loss of business opportunities. Not only the-challenges-dealerships-face-with-their-fixed-ops-strategies that, but most customers do not take their cars for regular maintenance. So, what’s the solution? Brad Paschal advises dealerships to invest in educating their customers to get more of them coming in.

In this episode of the InsideAuto Podcast, Ilana Shabtay is joined by Brad Paschal, the Regional Sales Director - South at Fixed Ops Digital, to discuss some of the challenges dealerships face with their fixed ops strategies. Brad talks about common problems he sees in many dealerships and shares his thoughts on the use of Google My Business for marketing. Stay tuned.

Ilana Shabtay

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