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The Right Strategies for Communicating with Customers

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Advancements in technology have brought about many changes in the way businesses communicate with their existing and potential customers. There are now many options to choose from, and according to Pete Petersen, dealerships should be lined up and ready to offer a variety of communication channels to their customers — based on their preferences.

Customers like communicating with businesses in a simple, natural way. Some prefer receiving calls, others prefer text messages, while still others prefer emails. This means that it’s important for dealerships to focus on what makes a great conversation with their customers — particularly, what platforms will make this possible.

In this episode of the InsideAuto Podcast, Aharon Horwitz interviews Pete Petersen, the CEO and Managing Partner of Dealers United, about the strategies dealerships can use to communicate better with their customers. Pete explains how Dealers United helps dealerships solve their business challenges and talks about using video, referrals, and influencers to drive car sales.

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