Vehicle Service & Warranty Lifecycle Roundtable

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Strengthening Your ROADMAP IN A customer-FIRST CONNECTED WORLD


Don’t miss this powerful gathering of recognized vehicle OEMs, parts and equipment suppliers, dealers, distributors, logistics and services providers collaborating to improve and innovate their warranty and aftercare end-to-end experiences to stay one step ahead of the curve. 

By MAPconnected

 Dearborn Inn, MI.—The agenda and registration for the Vehicle Service & Warranty Lifecycle Roundtable is now available. The event takes place October 13-14 at the Dearborn Inn, A Marriott Hotel in Dearborn MI. 

MAPconnected’s roundtable will provide unrivaled industry perspectives through strategic roundtable discussions, valuable peer connections and real-business cases that will streamline and strengthen your Warranty Lifecycle Roadmap.

mapconnected vechicle service & warranty lifecycle

Featured speakers include:

Robert Lecznar, Senior Director Service Operations & Warranty – Audi of America

Andrew Conville, Director of Aftersales Dealer & Customer Support – Mahindra

Joe Werth, VP, Integrated Warranty, TCO and Uptime – Navistar

Jeff Sutter, Global Director, Innovation & Continuous Improvement Methodologies, Warranty – Nexteer Automotive

Paul Rogers, Senior Manager, Warranty - Nissan Motor Corporation

Luis Gerardo Mendez, Warranty and Service Engineering Leader – GKN Automotive

Jossey Bertollini, Lead Product Engineer – Magna Seating Systems Engineering

Roland Seeger, Central Quality Manager - GKN Automotive

Lauren Wehrly, Manager, Warranty Cost Management and Claim Administration – Audi of America

Renee Stephens, Vice President, Competitive Quality Benchmarking – We Predict

Mike Roberts, President, MR Insights

Brian Martensen, Senior Program Manager – Quality Products & Services - AIAG

Jill Trotta, Vice President/GM of Industry Sales and RepairPal Express – RepairPal

Ashok Kartham, Founder, CEO – MIZE

Click here to see the current key industry topics and speaker lineup, with more confirmed each week.

These are just some of the business-critical sessions at the event:

•       Breaking Ground: Mahindra’s Service Communication Platform

•       Audi of America’s Partnership With Its Dealers

•       GKN Automotive’s Warranty Journey

•       Exceeding Customer Warranty Process Expectations: Nissan’s Goodwill Application Tool

•       A Look To the Future At Navistar While Preparing For Integration with Traton

•       Using Data Analytics To Identify & Address No Trouble Found (NTF) at Magna Seating

•       True Cost of Service – are EVs really less? We Predict’s Deepview True Cost Report 

•       Ready or Not: The Vehicle is Now a High-Tech Gadget

•       100 Years In: Using Quality As A Differentiator at Cloyes Gear and Products

•       Nexteer Automotive: Developing a Collaborative Quality Culture- Put Problem-Solving 1st

•       Transparency & Trust: A Guide To Getting Service Customers and Keeping Them

•       Future-ready Service Lifecycle Management Powered by AI and Advanced Analytics

•       On the Road to Quality 4.0 With Digital Failure Mode and Effects Analysis Management

•       Creating Fresh Prospects and Loyalty with an Exceptional Warranty Experience


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